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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diary X-Files : I got to HUG Sandara Park(2NE1)!!

Tapi peluk baju je lah...hahaxD 

Ok what?

Actually last time I joined an event on facebook..(identity is a secret) LOL

Because of the new opening page,they started an event..they are giving the Kpop Idols costume to the winners!

There are GD(Big Bang) vest(gosh,I supposed to get this but lucky you Japanese girl,you got that..)

I thought at first maybe they would give a duplicate items(the clothes that are duplicate to sell on flea market)

but then the organizers says that it was the ORIGINAL clothes that the idols wore!(Damn,I'm too happy to describe! >_<)

They sent the clothes UNWASH on purpose because they want the winner keep it the way it was!Means it was the one last Sandara wore last time without being wash..(OMG!)

Ok,thats mean the Japanese girl got GD's smell??She way TOO LUCKY!!

What are the things are more happy than this..(x dapat jumpe pun..baju dpt kire okaylah kan?lucky pe?)

and this dress was exactly arrived a while AGO and I already SPAZZ it right away!hahah!(saje nak nunjuk,x bley?)

As you know Sandara is very small...and this dress was TOO BIG!haha..I don't know how she wear this big dress in her performance..

I saw she wore this on a performance before n I'm sure it was their second song or debut song after Lollipop but I didn't found yet her picture wearing this..still finding the perf~~~

This dress itself have a really subtle fragrance smell mix with fries?hahah..caught you Dara unni eating fries secretly with this dress...kekeke

I think the organizer is one of the YG Entertainment stylist because she always posting about Big Bang and 2NE1 clothes n gifts..and last time I said to her that I cried when GD,TOP n Seungri came to the Korean Music Wave in Malaysia last time because I was too happy to see them in the concert and she said my wish will be told..I didn't suspect anything that saying

Sorry if exaggerated..but anyway,it's my blog isn't it?I'm free to write and exaggerate the way I wanted to..

ah..and if you wonder what the GD's vest like,here it fav color..ahhh..i wanted this..huuuu~ (bersyukurlah dgn ape yg ade..haha)

oh gambar organizer punye..yg atas tu sy ambik sendiri..

and giveaway!Please vote for your liking on the poll beside..I'm going to decide with the best votes!yehaa~!! *hug dress again*



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