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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[REVIEW& SWATCHES] NYX Round Lipsticks #B52 #TeaRose #Doll #Fig

Today I'll be reviewing few NYX lipsticks I bought before.
I'm so excited when I got them despite of cheap price and bold colors.
Although I'm not really a fan of bold colors but reading reviews from other bloggers made me bought

I got 4 lispticks in total.I actually bought 6 lipstick but two of them were the same colors which I personally select for my mom and sister since they always asking for my cutie lipstick..hahaxD
I think this is cheap,so why not bought one for them..

They had few colors in the line so it is hard for me to choose by seeing pictures by other bloggers..but I think I'm pretty good of selecting the colors that I might like..:D

pardon me but the lipstick broke..I don't know how to fix it(is by melting them affected in any way?)

So for the lips swatches :D

You can always click the picture or open in a new tab for larger views :)
I personally think that only Doll looks real in the picture while other looks not too pigmented while in real,it IS really

I'm pretty happy with this hand swatch because I think all of them really resemble the real colors of the lipsticks ^_^

oh no..the tissue is cheating you.While I think the colors may looks better on tissues but they aren't. The colors shown is 1000x times please ignore this swatch.It's pretty useless and misleading.

My verdict :

The lipstick is very bright,pigmented and moisturizing!I love these properties the best since my lips is always dry.

Because of the colors is too pigmented,I only dabbed the colors on my lips to show some colors. I might not wear the full bold one coz I'll looks older..kkk

Overall, the Tea Rose and B52 is really my expected colors while Fig and Doll turns out different from other bloggers reviews..*sigh*

The Doll is really dark red and I thought it is somehow dark-plum-red like..
which Fig is really bright in may looks weird on tan skin I think..

The downfall of this lipstick is they easily melt and you saw the first picture that the lipstick is broke right?Because of the weather here,the lipstick melt and broke..T^T
So the only solution is putting them in your refrigerator..haha

I bought these lipsticks here for RM12 each.
I think you would consider this a try :D


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