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Thursday, November 1, 2012

[REVIEW & TUTORIAL]Kanebo KATE Real Create Eyes in PK-1

Hey guys~!
I'm going to review Kanebo KATE Real Create Eyes in PK-1 which I got from Sasa Giveaway last time.
I actually bought the BU-4 shades recently because I really love this eyeshadow!

You basically can found this brand in Watson and Sasa (i'm not really sure about Guardian but I think they had this brand too)..Before this I've taken no like to this brand becoz their booth is always so messy and had less product too.Maybe it was the Watson's fault that did not update the booth and the workers are always prefer to sit a group and start gossiping (opps xD)<--this may apply to the one that I used to drop by.

But last time I went to redeem my KATE voucher at Sasa and I was staring at all products since their booth is so nice and chic!(That's why Sasa is the most expensive place too!lol)

So here is the color range. I also take a look at other KATE eyeshadows too and I found out that the most line had pretty the same colors in each palette. That might be some policies of their brand I think.

This is what the palette looks like. It may be simple in design and they used plastic for the packaging but it is already looks chic to me =)

I'm glad that they did not change the packaging box when sold outside Japan. I'm happy to see all these words despite not understands anything but there...


So yeshhh!haha

They included the instruction too.It is actually pretty confusing so I've done research on the correct ways to do it. I've included a tutorial for your convenience ^_^

I originally thought that this an earthy-color type but it is actually pink shade. The earthy one is either BR-1 or BR-2.
 I made the swatch on fingers coz I think it shows better.Regarding those ABC, you can refer back to the box.I forgot to label the picture..
The color is pigmented and I agree but it will looks subtle on eyelid.
The A actually looks white but it had a pink hint with it.I thought the texture is creamy but A is a bit gooey so I didn't use this much coz it will crease really bad for the rest of the shadows colors. Oh by the way, the other colors is not creamy or anything. The texture is just like the normal powdery eyeshadows.

Because the palette consists of 5 colors so here is the fifth one. From the palette, it should be labelled B and again I'm sorry for forgetting to label this.It looks subtle pink on the palette also looks subtle on eyelid.

So here is the tutorial I made.Sorry if it looks bad..I'm a newbie regarding editing this..haha
So I hope you'll understand of what I'm trying to say for each picture too..

My hands nearly broke taking all this pic since I have to re-do it so many time since some of the pictures came out blur and I really need the best I re-do of the taking pictures a lot.

so here is the final picture.Sorry, my eyes wasn't pretty so it sure would looks good on everyone else..

If you need moving tutorial,watch this. I think KATE specially made the tutorial video but it is unlisted so I can't embed the video so I gave you link.

My verdicts :

a. I love the colors. Although it looks very pigmented but the actual one when you apply on your lid,it looks really subtle and I'm looking this type for so long since my other eyeshadows are just too pigmented for everyday used.
b. I like the color combination in one palette.It just perfect for the whole eyes.
c. Easy to carry because it is really light and small so I can touch-up whenever I feels like.
d. Nice glitters.It was't really big and it just the right.

a. May caused a bit of fall outs..but most eyeshadows with glitters do the same so this doesn't really bother me.
b. The *A is too gooey coz I expected it to be creamy type.So I didn't used this much although the color shows nice.
c. The price is a bit expensive ; RM59 for a palette(so please wait for sales!hehe)

I think this is really a great palette since it is perfect for the whole eyes and everyday looks. ^_^
So please give it a try. 

Thanks for reading.If you like it,please share or leave a comment.Thanks~
I'll be back for more reviews after this~


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