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Sunday, November 25, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

hellow there people~

*blow up the dust* It's been almost a month since I've blogged..I guess I almost forgot..hahaxD
blame K and Sket Dance..also lots of mangas coz I'm too immersed with

anyway,today's review is for the all time popular Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. 
This isn't a new product of course and the lame me just tried them 3 months ago since I ran out my toner that time and surprisingly this bottle is not dried up yet. I thought it wouldn't be enough till 3 months since I used a lot of toner daily.

I captured this perfectly! *thumbs up for me* lol

Too lazy to type out the ingredients.I hope you can see them.

So cute isn't it?

This is the smaller version. The bigger version is 500ml with a pump. I bought this one because I just wanted to try this out first to tell if it is working for me or not.

I actually took the photos 2 months ago and I wanted to show you the before and after photos after using them but I gradually lost interest in doing so when time passed by..I need more motivation..*punch myself*

Reading a lot of blogs which had interest in beauty, I found this products is overly popular among them so I tell myself that I need to try this too! So I bought one of course.

3 months after using this, I can see up and down of the products. I guess I might not be buying this again. It's not like it's not good but most of the time, this isn't work for me. But my first impression of this product is that i love it.I love the smell and I love how it works on my face. It has a bread pudding if you know how bread pudding smell but it does to me..

For the first month, I can see that my pore is smaller because the oil on my face decrease and it moisturize my skin well. However, starting on the second month, I realize that this freshner becoming stickier by day and it really bothers me a lot. Also my pores aren't really small after each use.

But I didn't stop using this. I decrease the amount I used each day and it still works in moisturize my skin :D

Overall, this is not too bad, it's just I wanted and still finding the most suited for my face.That's all.

P/s : the results may vary for every person. i had a very oily face and the weather here is very hot.


ryu said...

i have try it..but it make my cheek feel sting when i apply it. wonder why.

Mizu said...

I think maybe because this have some ingredients that works to tighten the pores..maybe someone with sensitive skin would feel sting..i do sometimes too..

alyaa said...

kat mana nak cari semua ni :)

Mizu said...

Alyaa boleh dapatkan produk ni dekat Etude House Malaysia. Just search on Google, mesti tau kat mana nak cari :)

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