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Friday, November 2, 2012

[REVIEW & TUTORIAL] Kanebo KATE Gel Eye Shadow in BR-1 and KATE Real Create Eyes in BU-1

Yesterday I posted the review for PK-1 and I'm diligently doing another one last night..I mean taking pictures and all so I'm going to post another tutorial for this shades.

I actually wanted to blog about the concert I went last Saturday,of course it's Big Bang concert!But I need time to sort out everything since I'm still not in the mood to write a long blog post yet and I haven't finished my withdrawal syndrome in my facebook so yeah it would be another time :D

and pssst..I just know that today is Friday!omg..I don't know what exactly I've been doing all this week..maybe I'm too immersed reading manga

So yeay, I got two of this! The left one is given by KATE and the right one, I bought it myself~

Pretty palette.I took a lot of time to choose the colors..I should get the green one too!

The price attached. Although I'm using the RM10 KATE voucher, but it still
The palette got 10% sales now and I don't understand why the Sasa workers ask me to choose whether to use my voucher or used the 10% sales!It's clearly said in the voucher that the item that got 10% sales also applicable for the voucher!They're tricking me!erghh

Anyway,this time I labelled the palette..hehe :D

The colors is pretty can see it yourselves.

I thought I'll use different technique for this tutorial and I'll include this gel eyeshadow I got as a base color.
Basically I don't think it is a gel(?) because the texture is not like gel at all..It is greasy(?) I'm horrible at describing things..really..

The palette is pretty chic, right?


So I made another tutorial for this eyeshadow including the gel eye shadow too!Hope you like it~

The final result!I think the colors shows up better than PK-1 but both are definitely great eyeshadows!
The gel eye shadow also great since it doesn't really make the eye shadows crease..

Definitely re-purchase!
See my review of the palette here

Thanks for reading!


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