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Thursday, September 20, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek #PK001

What's up guys!
Although I know tomorrow will gonna be another busy day but I can't wait to post the next review~

Ohh..and also shout out to my friend who are reading this.I really don't know that you read my blog! *embarrassed* Thank you so much~ hehe :DD

Onto the review,it is gonna be pictures and pictures..haha..
I have no more to

The color is #PK001.
Also available in four types of colors!Check it out on Etude House website!

I don't understand much but the font used is so cute!

*Beware of broken neck*
I didn't realize that I photograph the description like this..haha..mian..

My intention in this picture is too show the Cinderella's carriage design on the cover but I guess the light is too bright T^T

* authentic*

The bright pink is the blusher and the light pink is the added highlighter.You can just swatch it together or using a different technique where you put the bright pink onto the apples of your cheeks and brush the light pink onto the upper cheek(under your eyes)

The swatch.The colors should look more pigmented in real~

I really wanted to show you how the colors turn onto my cheeks but currently I'm having a terrible breakout..sorry >_<

My verdicts :
Overall the color is so sweet!I mean it is really sweet~haha
However, I'm tanned(yellow skin) so putting this onto my skin may results my face looks like a clown. It is because the highlighter is very light!
So I'm suiting myself with these blusher by wearing it on different swatch. Means that I will put the  bright pink first and then the highlighter on my under eyes..
It would look better one me =)

For the colors lasting,I think it can survive about 4 hours.(My face is oily so that's why)

Overall, it is a worth trying~
Have you tried this?


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