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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Shiseido : Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Fall 2012 Limited Edition #77

 Finally~It's a Japanese cosmetic review~
The very last piece I bought from Japanese cosmetic is the Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara but I did not review the mascara since I forgot and I already gave it to my,it's my favorite while I'm still using it)

So I said in the previous post that I'm getting boring to brown eye shadows and I wanted to have some color for my eye shadows. I actually had been keeping an eye for the Majolica Majorca products so I think why wouldn't I try their brand?I went to four Watsons/Guardian is different states and the color I want(pink/purple) is sold out T^T
Even online shop also didn't have the color..

I'm a loyal ebay-ers so I tried to search any Majolica Majorca eye shadows and coincidentally I found this 2012 fall limited edition!The color combination is pretty amazing and me, without much thinking, bought one from the two types of palette available =)

The price is quite expensive but I didn't hesitate a
About RM60@20USD included the shipping cost.

Well..still not good at taking pictures...haha..
I really need to practice more using the new camera :D

The palette itself is exactly the same size with other Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes.

The seller is from Hong Kong and I believe that this is the original one~
Look, there are Japanese writing and I don't even understand anything.

I choose #77.
For the #66 palette, they combined the sheer green color with purple.
I actually didn't expect that it was the green color(I thought it is silver--based on the seller's picture)
Now I regret for not buying the #66 along..huhu T^T

Open the box and tadaaa..isn't it cute??
Kinda remember me to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu..haha :D
(google that and you'll know who is she)

The pearl details to the palette is perfect!It makes the plastic cover looks like an expensive
diamond-like palette..kk..(ok, I'm

The color!I love the color combination so much especially the red color!

Closer look.
Every color had a very tiny tiny shimmer to it and it doesn't really sparkle like a disco ball..just a nice soft shimmer ~

I know I'm very bad at swatch-ing the colors..
but this at least can give you some ideas for the color right?

For the cream color, I don't know why it looks so yellow in the picture but in reality when I put it onto my eyes, it is very sheer like a highlighter~

The red in color is especially the most pigmented.
Both cream and pink had a sheer in color and the brown is not really dark.It's a soft brown in color.

I previously post this picture in my Lash Perm mascara review but I don't want to do the double work so I just combine the look in the same picture.

I put the brown shadow before lining my eyes with the black eyeliner but I guess I lined my eyes too thick and the picture almost didn't show the brown color..gomen..

Followed the instruction at the back of the palette box(well, I think it is a basic way to apply eye shadows)

But for the pink color, I guess it didn't show much in the picture unless I put it a bit more
and the cream color shadow really do a good job!I didn't expect that it would turn great..haha xD
p/s : I only dabbed a bit of the shadows onto my lids.If i put too much,it might looks too red..haha

Furthermore, this eye shadow really last long on my oily eye lid!
I didn't even put on the eye primer here and color didn't even crease!*oh yeah*

Plus mark, this is really easy to be remove just with cool water.

Overall, I really love this palette.I love the colors and wish to buy the #66 palette!
I bought this palette from this seller(she is so nice and her service is great!)

Would you try?


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