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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dolly Wink,Candy Doll and Innisfree Haul~

Howdy folks!Actually I'm a bit busy right now but gonna take a bit of my time to do this post coz I'm so happy!
My Japanese make-up haul arrived last Saturday and my Korean make-up haul arrived last week which both of it arrived at my rental house and I just take a look of it today coz I'm back again at my rental house...

There are masks and contact lens which still didn't arrived because there are problems encounter with it and I don't know what it is..but it's okay if it is delay coz I actually did not wear lens that much..(only one time actually) but I have 3 contact lens in my collection..<--for that review,I'm gonna post it up later since it will gonna need a lot of photos taken...weeexD

This is only the haul post and I'll be doing the review after this..

tadaaaa!!My Tsubasa's make-up haul!!So excited!!

The eyeshadows!I've tried the sweet dolly already and it was great!I think I'm gonna collect all colors!

The closer look!

So sweet!I love the packaging so much!

These are Candy Doll's lipstick and lip gloss..

This one is given free by the seller,Yori.She's so nice...I ask her to send this first because I'm gonna use this for my event and thanks to her,she immediately send this!

This is Innisfree haul..I've been wanted to try this brand for so long and I bought these two hot selling products..

There are also free samples!loving it!

For the price :
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow - RM65 each = I bought two so total is RM130
Candy Doll lipstick = RM50 each
Candy Doll lipgloss - RM50
Innisfree No Sebum powder = RM29
Innisfree Eco Real Color Lipstick = RM39

I bought the Dolly Wink and Candy Doll here Perfect Style Boutique . She added me on facebook and it was way cheaper than other shop and one more,she is so nice to me..haha.since I can't understand Chinese,she willing to translate it for me.

For the Innisfree haul, I bought those from Whimsical Needs . They are selling authentic cosmetics for cheaper price than local stores!That's why I love online shopping!hehehe..

WHAT'S HOT!( Holika Holika cosmetics order is open!I receive so many requests for this brand and please visit here for pictures!I will update the price soon!Malaysia Korea Cosmetics Shopping . You can find this on my sidebar too!

Thanks for reading!I'm going to review all of this soon!

P/S : Wanted to do a giveaway for my followers,still considering what I want to give but if you have something in mind,kindly tell me~

Bye..see you in the next post!


Anonymous said...

wow~ candy doll lipgloss!!! Just wondering where did u get to purchase those? :D

Mizu said...

@Bella Luna, I purchased from a local seller,if u would like,i can recommend her to you,,

Riya~ said...

Love your Asian cosmetics haul! Thanks for sharing love!

Anonymous said...

owh that would be great dear!! i've been wanting to have candy doll stuff for ages.. :D

Mizu said...

@Riya thank you!and thanks for visiting my blog too!

Mizu said...

@Bella Luna, I have update the stores in the post,hope you like it~

Punky Bunny Blog said...

nice haul im so jealous i dont have any dolly wink and baby doll items yet :p
followed ur blog ^^ hope u can visit mine too:

Mizu said...

@aMz88 din't worry,collect as much as you want if you got money..i also take lots of time choosing and thinking whether to buy or not since its super expensive..

anyway,thanks for following,i'll follow you back~

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