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Friday, July 22, 2011

REVIEW & SWATCHES : Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss

Finally,new post come up again..I've been lazy to do a new post recently because my japanese make-up haul didn't even arrived!grrr..*angry* I know the seller used ship to send the items from Hong Kong to Malaysia but at least she should expect more than one month to arrived then..don't make me feel anxious for the time that she expect...anyway,I feel better now after she said that the lens i ordered got broken and the mask is ??..not that i remember..yeah..i'm a short-term memory person..p/s ; it's not sickness,its just me..hehe..

and yeah..for the skin care post..i still didn't even upload the pics!1so sorry...i will..errm....the day will be inform later...keke..

Okay..enough for the mumbling and now I present you Aloha Two Two Kiss from Etude House!!weexD..
I've been wanting for this and yeah..I just bought it 2 days ago when I go shop in KL!(*I live far from Etude House shop...wuuuu.. T_T)

uwah..actually this picture did not look like this when in the camera but it turns nice in computer!i likeee!
(you know why the background is red?coz i have a satin red cloth to be used for stage decoration but i used it beforehand!hahah)
Look closely..

the back one..there are gloss and tint..

This is the gloss,it is in orange color..
You see the shape there? will found out why the shape become like that..

Another gloss picture..Sorry for the gold background?

The pinkish in color..

Another tint side picture..yea..its pink..but you will see the difference in color..

See the swatch?The orange was the gloss while the pink is the tint?
For me its kinda reverts?because usually the tint is more pigmented that the gloss but now the gloss is more pigmented that the tint?
and yeah..
for the questions : why the shape of the gloss become like that?
answer : because the gloss is too soft,i was strong enough to swatch it know what i mean??errr..

For the picture on lippies..maybe later..hehe..

Pros :
1 - Cute packaging
2 - Great for travel because of two sides..
3 - is!
4 - Lovely color..
5 - Comes is three choices of colors..
6 - Smell awesomely but too those who didn't like the smell,don't worry,it won't smell until you smell it..

Cons :
1 - Because the stick outer looks like plastic,i'm afraid it won't work out with sharpener but a blogger said it was easy to sharpen.
2 - I'm lazy to sharpen...
3 - Too soft,,if u drop the color then it will dented badly..
4 - Quite expensive for me..
5 - Will be cakey if applied on dry lips..

Overall rating :

I deduct one for sharpening...hehe..

Anyway,thanks for reading my reviews and maybe some of my engrish words..tata~


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