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Saturday, July 9, 2011

REVIEW : My First Ever Skincare(Testimony 1)

Good day!(doesn't this sound as spammer email title?LOL)I'm in a very good mood today...but whatever happen yesterday was very frustrating.Me and my roommate(yes,we rent a house near our university here) realize that our room was invaded by the grandson of this house owner(we live with granpa n granma)..I realise when my bunny ears light was turn on.It was very unbelievable if the light is turn on without someone doing it right?..i really can't believe this!I don't want to talk more about this matter as me and my roommate is still investigating to see other things that may go missing..

Today I'm gonna make a post about my first skincare ever!I bought the skincare after noticing my skin becomes bad from day to day.Because of this skincare,I have to spend a large amount of money and I hope it will be satisfying.To be true,I never used full skincare before.I only have my cleansers and toner only..believe it?Believe me.I'm 19 years old and this was my guess it because the temperature change that makes my skin looks bad.

I'm an active member in a Lowyat forum(a forum for everybody especially Malaysian).So I always go look at the ladies stuff forum to see something that may interest me.I saw this thread about the skincare after the owner of the thread message me about the products.I go to her thread and saw some testimonial about the products and there are some pictures showing that their skin is healed and flawless.At first,I'm not going to believe it as there are many tricks for the sellers to trick the customers but at the end..I really got't misunderstood just yet,I mean that at the end I bought the full skincare after some products is recommended by the seller after she taking a lot of my skin information and she recommend some of it.

The brand is Caroline Paris(sorry,I actually never heard of this brand coz I'm not into skincare before).I got Purifying Cleanser,Skin Astringent, Refining Cream and Repair Cream.I thought this also will include dark circles cream but I think I didn't mention that to her..hehe..This skincare is said to used Chinese herbs as the main ingredients and I would said that it sounds so true since this smell like herbs!Total all of this is RM421.50.That is not all,she also give me 2 piece of 3D mask which is the best salon mask cost RM39 each and 2 bottle of ampoule cost RM? each? for free.Now I already used this for the third week already but I will only post my first opinion when I first used this.

When I first used the cleanser(she said to cleanse with this about 2 minutes) and I can feel the minty sensation and it was so cold and irritate my eyes at first because the mint was like absorbing into my eyes windily and after that I head on to skin astringent(which is also known as toner) after cleansing and it doubles the mint!After my skin is a bit relaxed,I used the refining cream for the day and skipped repair cream as she said to use it only at night.I can feel the beads in the refining cream and it was yellowish in color but didn't affect much(the color) as it absorbs fast and of course,it triple the mint!My first experience with this skincare is a bit uncomfortable as the minty scent irritate mostly my eyes.

After few times of applications,I realize that my eyes didn't irritate and almost zero.So maybe I think it is because the products wants to purify my skin and it becomes like that.I really feel easy when applied the skincare now although the mint is still there but it didn't irritate my eyes.

I will continue the next testimony in my next post!

P/S : I will upload pictures later.


zaty said...

awwww, u look georgeous! can i ask where did u bought that? i live in malaysia too and currently 18 y/o..

Mizu said...

Hai Zaty, are you sure you're in the right post?

Btw, I did mention that I bought the skincare from Lowyat forum.Just google that and you'll found the thread. I'm not sure if the seller still active because it's been so long since I was there.

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