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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House So Lovely Allover Spray(Summer Limited Edition)

I browsed ebay a month ago or so to purchase something that I might like to use.
So, I found this cute spray which is for Etude House Summer Limited Edition 2011.I know that it was last year but I still want this because it's

So,I finally purchase this from a seller with nick "f21plus"
Please search the name on ebay.I'm pretty sure they have few bottles left.

I tried to make some efforts for the pics but sure it looks even awful..haha

The pump~

The tag!They include this tag along with the bottle and I would say it actually complete the look~

So last 3 weeks,this item arrived at my house and I almost forgot to review it because it was perfectly sit on my overload make-up table which I don't even know that it was there..xD

I cleaned up the mess few days ago and I suddenly remember that I haven't post anything about this baby yet :D

So basically,this spray can be used for body, room & fabric, shoes and bags.
It has a fruity floral smell which I really love about!It smells so good and always calm my stress mind with the smell ^_^

The packaging rate would be 10 out of 10!It was so cute,pinky-red color with a lovely smell..Everything's perfect!

The smell would not last longer and it was like the other home spray so i would say that it's natural.
I also like the fact this can be spray to the body and it absorb pretty quickly without leaving any uneasiness on body~The smell disperse quickly too and I just need few pumps for the whole room~

I think the price was a bit expensive for a 150ml spray but I take it as Limited Edition
As I remember, it would be around RM36+ or something.

Thank you for reading~Stay tuned for the next review~


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