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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Tips] Shed The Dirt Away!

How often do you wash your face a day?Twice,more or less?
I'm sure most of you would wash your face at least twice a day since it is necessary to shed the dirt of the whole day.

I'm a sort of person who are really care about those little things about washing face because my skin is very sensitive and prone to pop out pimples for a little dirt.

I guess some of you did have the same problem and you don't even know the reason why..
Then let me ask you, did you sure that you actually wash using the right technique?
Because blood circulation also one the thing that effects your skin.

The Correct Ways to Wash Your Face

pic credit to : theeigarmethod
(excuse me for the scary picture(a bit)

The picture above shows the correct ways on how I always do to wash my skin.From no.1(on the side of your forehead) until the no.10(on your neck).This should be done using the right method.

As you see,there are circular arrows, straight arrows and dotted arrows.
Circular arrows means that you should wash your face in circular motions.People usually wash their face in straight motion which it could stretched your skin and cause wrinkles.
Okay now,go take your mirror or sit in front of a mirror.Put two of your fingers on your side of your forehead(make sure you wash your hand first!).Do the circular motion above your eyebrow.Did you see that when you do the circular motion, at the same time you stretch your skin and put it back to normal in a circular?Yes,that's why you should use circular motion!It is actually prevents your skin from forming wrinkles! The circular motion should be used on no.1,2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9. 

For the no.5,the arrow shows you some dashed/dotted lines and that's mean that you have to dab your fingers.Yes,dabbing motion.It is because eyes is the most delicate skin on your face and it should be the first place where your skin shows some aging.If you see most of the commercials on TV,they did not wash the eyes part.Do you know how important of washing your eyes carefully?

A cosmetics user like me should know that our eyes especially at the end of the eyes,where the upper and lower lashes meet,the skin on that part is darker than any part of the face.It is because the water is hardly past them because of the narrow line and people avoid it because afraid the soap solution or water will get into your eyes.So here is my tip, take a q-tip and soak it into the soap solution(face wash+water).Then dabbed it on the narrow part.You should do this carefully and don't be too harsh on dabbing because it may hurt your skin.Dabbed it only for a few seconds until you are sure that the dirt is shed away. This should apply on the corner of your eyes too.
p/s : be careful!

The last one should be No.10.
Your neck can't be avoid from not having lines but you can prevent it by washing your face in a straight motion under your chin to your upper chest.This could be the easiest from all three steps.

You can repeat the steps until you're satisfied.Just note that you can't pressed hard your face while massaging coz it'll block to blood circulation and before it would be great if you can use warm water before washing your face and finished with cool water because warm water open up your pores and cool water closed your pores.

Finally, pat your face with a clean towel.Don't mix your body towel with face towel.It actually transfer the bacteria if you do so.You can use right after that to cover up your pores more and to prevent the dirt from entering the pores again.

Thank you for reading~!
Written by Mia Lia
Korea Cosmetics Official Blogger

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