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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

I've been tagged, Liebster Blog Award~

(cr :

* Post 11 facts about yourself
* Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer
* Choose 11 people if you can (with less than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
* Go to their page and tell them
* Remember.. no tag backs!

My facts
1 - I do love biting my nail cuticles/dead skin. Almost all the time I do this and I don't even realize it..=.= ok i know #i'mforeveralone T^T
2 - I always play with my eyelashes..idk why ^_^"
3 - I'm not an animal lovers but I do take care of fishes once when i was young..(oh yeah)
4 - I rather spends hours on internet rather than playing sports..p/s : i hate sports!But I'll support my country in big tournament such as Olympic..hahaxD
5 - I'm not good at games but I do love cheering for people who played games.My brother knows that very well.( He used to it
6 - Sewing is one of the thing that I wanted to do the most at the moment. >3<
7 - I'm not good at taking pictures especially myself so that's why you rare seeing my photos here T^T
8 - I'm very sensitive to smell.That's why when I smelled something stinks,I can't be able to hold them up coz my reactions shows too much..hihi:D
9 - I really wants to wear shoes sometimes but I don't think it suits me(my friend always wear cooler shoes!)
10 - I have several blogs before but this is my first time I've been so active.
11 - I love make-up and kpop. That is obvious!lol

What do I say?
♦ If you could live in a different era which one would you choose?
- Showa/Samurai maybe?Since I read a lot of manga,Samurai really looks era has their own uniqueness..this is just the era that I thought at the moment.

♦ Do you have a special talent? And if so, what is it?
- Karaoke?I never been to one but I do love my singing..#punchface

♦ Square or rounded nails?
- Rounded nails~

♦ Would you rather like to see yourself in the past or a glimpse of you in the future?

- I would love to see myself in the future!I wonder how I look!

♦ How many continents have you been on?
Hmm..I never been overseas though..#sad

♦ If you could never use one type of make up again what would you choose?
- Eyebrow color?I don't really like coloring brows/hair..

♦ What is your favorite cosmetics brand?
- Etude House

♦ What is the last movie you saw or what is is the last video game you played?
I don't remember much the movie but last video game that I played is The Sims 3!lol..Please don't mind me again to that game or else I won't stop playing that >3<

♦ Heels or flats?
- Love both but I have majority of flats

♦ Which website is set as your homepage?
- What that should mean?
I'll consider it as Google.Correct me if I misunderstood this question.

♦ How many language do you speak?
- At this time,I can speak Malay and English.
I've learn Arabian but I already forgot most of it and I can read Korean but can't speak the language..

♦ What type of dessert you enjoy the most? 
- Ice cream!yummy~
Wanted to try Patbingsu so bad =( 

My questions to you~
  • Do you prefer shopping or eating?
  • Write down one thing you would want to get now.Only one~!
  • Horror or romance movie?
  • Do you prefer math or essay?
  • Describe your dreamy workplace.
  • State one of cartoon/anime that you ever watch and you remember till now.
  • Do you sit or laying down while surfing internet?
  • Actor or actress that you want to meet so much~!?
  • Do you wear slipper in your house?
  • Choose one : Salon,sauna or hot spring?and why?
  • Why do you blog?
***Sorry if my questions kinda weird..It's hard to think any spontaneous questions though..hehe :D

So I tag :

Danitza Galvez from Nutricion UNISON
Kim Rara from A Typical Me
Ayumi Yoshida from Me: The One and Only
Miss Sunshine Kelly from Miss Sunshine

Other bloggers are invited to join too!Sorry for not be able to tag everybody~I would love to hear from you too~Link me if you do!

Thank you~


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