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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil #BR401

I've been accepted to be one of Korea Cosmetics blogger which means they'll send my products to be reviewed by me based on my preference and skin types =)

I actually been slacking off for two whole weeks since I suppose to posts about tips and be active as an  affiliate blogger.I would like to apologize to them since I always been so busy..

I'll make sure I'll post up the posts soon since I've many things to share aside from reviews..hihi :D

Anyway, I will review the Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil in #BR401
I intentionally post up this picture first since I know my camera wouldn't be so good to capture the shimmers and color very well. So there you'll see that I'm choosing the middle one. The #BR402 is in darker brown,I've tested it in the store but it's too dark from the brown color that I'm looking for and fyi,it doesn't have shimmer like the other color in the catalog.

So tadaaa..there it is..

The bottom one is one swatch,the middle one is three times swatches and the top on is four times swatches.It doesn't seem to have any difference in picture but they do in real.

I tried rubbing it with water.
Waterproof approved!

I try to remove it with oil remover and it disappear.Not oil proof and the product doesn't stated that either.

I also try remove it with face wash(I used Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam)
and rubbed it.At first I thought it was soap-proof then I cleaned it with water,it actually disappear but not fully.

See?You can still see the residue marks.

The tip is originally narrow when I first buy it and I've used this many times so it became flat.
Uniquely,this eyeliner is included with sharpener!Wow,I was amaze by

This is the sharpener which is attached at the bottom of the cute~~!

After sharpened.I personally didn't like to sharpen the eyeliner coz I think it waste the product too much >_<

Swatch on my eyes..The color is more clearer in real tho..

Almost didn't see the eyeliner..T^T
The actual colors is the eyeliner shows the color very well and the shimmer too.
But you won't notice the shimmer if you don't zoom in to see your
(sorry for the sleepy eyes.I took this right away after I came back from class)

So onto my thoughts :
I love the colors so much!It's not too dark and just the right color that I'm looking for ^_^
Like I said previously,I'm not really an eyeliner person..and this is one of the 3-4 eyeliners that I have.I think black eyeliner is too intense on my eye so I rarely used it.So that's why when I saw Ekimura(a Japanese blogger) used almost brown in her make-up and I thought to myself that I should try that color. To my surprise that it actually did suit me!Brown is more to softer look and I prefer that way and since I bought this,I've been using this almost every day~

The eyeliner is waterproof and you can see it yourself in the picture above.I've done several tests to show you~
For the shimmer,some maybe don't like shimmers in eyeliner but this is just okay for me.The shimmer is not too much and you won't notice it much.

I personally think that aside eyeliner,this also can be eye shadow.Why?
Because the texture is matte and not glossy nor too creamy.Plus,it stays on very well =D and perfect for smudging(If you would like too).It doesn't smudge if you just wear it as eyeliner.Don't be confuse of the statement.

But the only downside for this eyeliner is the color won't stay all day without fading.
I notice that the color fades after 5 hours and above but that should be enough right?

Overall,I'm loving this eyeliner and wish to get more of the colors.
How about you?

Thank you for reading~


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