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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey guys!It seems that the holiday is over and Monday is back again T^T

I actually been thinking about this matter for sometime..I mean,most of the time lol
I wanted to have a new blog layout and new header..everything new.

But, I actually pretty bad at designing,decorating etc..
I've done once with my older blog but it's too tiring and I spent almost 2-3 weeks in just
doing the layout design.

So I would like to ask if any of you can actually design and re-layout my blog.
That's of course came with payment as an exchange.If you're Malaysian,then I just transfer the money with bank transfer and if you aren't,I'll pay you through Paypal.

The reasons why I wanted to have this new blog layout is my blog anniversary is near and I wanted to have few changes for my 2nd year of blogging(since I've done nothing before).
Second,I wanted to have a new blog name coz I think my blog name is too childish.
Do you actually know why I choose Marvelika?
"Marvel"/ "Marble" - that super-heroes comics/Rainbow marbles color.
Don't ask me why coz idk either of why was that?Why was that again?

So I decided a new blog name , "Mizumics"
Why Mizumics?
First,because everybody actually calls me Mizu which came from my initial name and my father initials. This nick is given by one of my friend =) 
Mics stands for mimics since I think I mimic water much?invalid
Second, "Mizu" means water in Japanese language.
I think that water relates to me so much.I drink lots of mineral water and you would be surprise if you actually saw my collection of mineral water in my room.It was a LOT.
Third, I love water so much and I usually the one who will raise the water bill.LOL

email me if you're good at this.

Because I talked about blog anniversary,of course it'll relates to GIVEAWAY.
I'm actually serious this time.Although I said it a lot already but I really haven't got chance to do one internationally.

I would like to thanks to all of you who voted for the poll that I put in the sidebar.That actually helps me to decide which one did you really interested in getting.You can change that coz I'll still open the poll until the giveaway starts.

As for now,Korea Cosmetics is winning the poll and it was general.I mean it is cosmetics and there are a lot of cosmetics out there.I wanted to know if you're interested in what?
I mean BB Creams?Eyeliner?Mascara?Lipstick?Eyshadows? or all?
If you select ALL,please list from the top picks to the least pick.
Comment below so I'll see the lists of your favorites!

Would want to hear from you!Thank you~


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