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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

YGeShop Batch and New Big Bang 2012 Album!

Evening peeps!Today was so tiring for me,how about you?Plus it's getting hotter in Malaysia and I'm a little bit lucky since my university is like in the forest so every morning and night,the trees will support the

Oh,if you didn't know,I'm a die-hard-fan of Kpop and I'm also a Kpop Merchandise seller..hmm...I start this business quite long already because of unexpected reasons.Once I asked my fb friends,whoever want to order new Big Bang album in the year 2011 with me because combine shipping made the merchandise more cheaper so I got like tons of requests that time and that turn into my personal business till now(of course to support my financing for make-ups,clothes,etc..)Although I took PTPTN but I didn't really used that money on my personal  likes becoz my father tends to take half of them every semester to keep it in bank..hehe :D ..So I only have half left for my study expenditure plus food.(thank god,I'm a lazy eater which means,if there are no food,then I wouldn't eat either..)Its become a habit since my high school years becoz I tend to live in boarding school and every time breakfast,lunch or dinner,I became superly tired and I straight way go to dormitory ..sleep is better than in the food expenses,I saved a lot there..kkk

So this time I'm going to have another batch to order new Big Bang album or any merchandise that available in Ygeshop.One of my current customer is from Iran and she really bought a lot every time I got batch to order..Seriously,like last time she spent like RM2000 to buy some DVD and goods from Ygeshop.I was quite shocked too since I never receive such a large amount of money in batches..btw,she was really nice and easy to talk too since she don't have so much problem in paying.(I envy her for having lots of money because I never bought that much although I'm a representative seller..T^T)

This time she ordered something again and already paid it..oho..she was so fast her 10000x...
Big Bang album didn't released yet but I think I'm gonna have such a large orders again this time..hmm..limit per batch is only 5 albums,I think I may separate this to few batches then..

and to those who've bought with me before,thank you for your cooperation and sorry if I have lacks in replying all those emails plus fb msgs that almost made my inbox so full..kkk..If anyone interested in joining this batch,you're very welcome!Anything in Ygeshop in this batch will be cheaper than usual price since I bought in bulk!Thank you!

This was some of the batch arrivals that I made to take pictures of..there are lots more but I didn't manage to take all of those pictures..:(

Oh btw,my blog for this shop is,"Moonstruck Kpop".However for new stuff I didn't yet update in the blog since few months already becoz i upload it in my facebook,So search Kaerra Lewn on facebook!It mine although it was absolutely my 'mengada' name..hohoho..


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