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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late Night Post : Tsubasa New Dolly Wink Otona Collection

Hai candies!I'm pretty sure you got excited based on title..oh yeah..its Dolly Wink new collection!!!Yeay!buuuuuuuuut~~~I haven't laid my hands yet to those cuties~~~~ahahaha...sorryy~~~

Since it was new,I know you girls are wanting this collection so bad..isn't you??hoho...I myself trying to collect some money to buy it..the new collection has arrived here in Malaysia and you can get it at stores which Dolly Wink are available!!So grab it now you Tsubasa's die-hard-fan...hahaha!

Ahhh..I didn't posted my Dolly Wink eye shadows right from the first collection?? is already got the second the collection and I still didn't post it yet...that was so long time ago and now I'm thinking to post late of me...but should I include tutorial too??my tutorial shouldn't be the same as Tsubasa right??I guess I should prepared that first...hehe :D

For the new collection,Tsuabasa create eyebrow mascara,eyebrow powder,eyebrow pencil,eyelash glue and etc...She concentrate more to the eyebrows for this second can check Koji-honpo page for the pictures..

but here are some of the pictures that I got from Koji-honpo Malaysia fb page!!!!I know coz I'm among those girls who loves Tsubasa's collection since I love gyaru!!!ahhhh....can someone actually sponsor me for this???erghhh..I wish I already work right now T^T..Being a student at this time is really sucks!

I also didn't bought any make up for these few months!!Can you imagine someone like me who loves make up so much didn't bought anything??Its not like I lose interest or what but I'm focusing to my skin more~~(but I cheat that,I bought a Naked Palette last month,but only that T^T)

Owh..I just wanna tell that my skin is actually improving!!No more pimples and acne!!Yeay!!It's simple,you don't need to spend your money having expensive skin treatment..I just went to local pharmacist and they recommend me some medicine and it was actually works!(After all,pharmacists are better than doctors)
So yeah,go to your nearest pharmacy and tell them your problem..
The first pharmacy I went,I don't know if she really the 'pharmacist' of the pharmacy but she said..'ahh..your face is not too bad larr'..and she gave me Topicil and it didn't work..Seriously,if Topicil didn't work then my problem is actually worse!

So I went to the other pharmacy and they give me a special face wash,a cream(sorta of peeling off your skin when you sleep,it hurts at first but you get used to it after a week),a day cream( to prevent 'newborn' pimples) and a bottle of acne preventing pills.

Seriously all of this medicine 'wash away' all my pimples and acne and you can say only the acne scar is left and I went again to the pharmacy and they give me a scar healing gel..I only used it for a week now and yea..i can see the improvement becoz some of the scar were already disappear!So big clap to these saved my life!!!hahaha..

Ok..enough of this late night rumbling..(oh noo..its actually morning already!) and don't forget to grab your new Dolly Wink collection!!yeayyy~~~

See the reviews from my favorite blogger here,apparently she is Japanese so her mom bought that for her and send to her lucky! ^_^ Click!

Ok...bubbye~~~~see yaaaa~~~~chuu~


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