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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Bang 2012 Gmarket Greetings and One month earlier comeback!

As you know(maybe?),I'm a Big Bang fans since 6 years ago...hohoho..It's been sometimes since I post about them and their latest new was YG Ent said there will be one month earlier next album released this year as they said it will be on March before..damn wasn't too far from now and I need to save my MONEY!!haha..They're going to released re-packaged too..(I know,that was Korean style though) but I'm happy that Big Bang are way more different than other idols as they include few new songs in the re-packaged album..not just remixes or only one new song...hohoho..

That was first!Second, Gmarket released their New Year Greeting video as Big Bang(yes,the whole group!) now is the ambassador for Gmarket!!Oh yeah!!Although there was some rumor speculating that Gmarket will drop GD from their ambassador artists but NO!THEY TOOK THE WHOLE GROUP AS AMBASSADOR!You mad haters?! YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING GMARKET FOR HAVING ALL OF THEM!After all,the freaking goooooood ads song was composed by GD!No other composers will be better than him when it is about Electronic Dance music!!He was the best ads song composer!!Even Lollipop song(LG phone) is TOPPING ALL CHARTS even though it was only an ads song!

ahh..this is the greetings video..don't freaking blame me if you dead after watching this..
(can't put the video since it was unlisted but just click the link to watch,it is included eng subs by fans)

and this is the Gmarket song that GD'll agree with me that it was catchy even though it was only an ad song...

Ok..thanks for offends..I'm just a big fan of them..tehee


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