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Saturday, May 19, 2012

[REVIEW] Skin Mal:gem / Skin Malgeum

Holla...holla ^_^
How are you guys?I finally can manage some time to post up this review!Most of readers are emailing me and sending messages on facebook to ask how good the Skin mal:gem was..Sorry for posting this so late already..

Some of you may be wondering what is Skin mal:gem?

[mal:gem] – The Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgem hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pore complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas. 
Etude House Skin [mal:gem] malgem Smoother: Exfoliation toner which contained fruits ingredients (lemon, orange, sugar maple, sugar cane, grapefruit) makes clear and soft skin. 
This product is free from Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil, Animal material!

Basically,it was only a toner.I bought the smoother type and it says that it is an exfoliation toner.I was wondering what they mean by exfoliation at first since the only thing that works for exfoliation is scrub and then maybe I would start to understand now of what they mean by that.I think they're referring to the cleaning of dirty pores something like that since toner also works on removing extra dirt on face after we wash our face.
There are six types of Skin mal:gem from the fresh to emulsion.I suggest you to buy according to your skin needs.If you think your skin are very oily,then the first one suits you the best.I have an oily skin too but I choose the smoother type because I think my face is super dry after washing and it makes me hard to put powder on because it will gets flaky so smoother is the best for me because I think the fresh type won't provide moisture although they said so...(but that's what I think,I never know)

(click to enlarge)

There are several types you can use your skin mal:gem. First is removing make up.Second is as a mist.Third is for moisture and fourth is using it for mask.

P/S : Sorry for the bad lighting.The toner is crystal clear in color.

To the readers who asked me whether this toner are able to remove BB cream and eyeliner or not,my answer would be NO.It is because BB cream is too thick and this won't be able to remove it because it doesn't have oil which clean deep down your pores or you may ended up having a break out >_<
and for eyeliner,it doesn't remove the waterproof type.So better stick to your make-up remover or cleansing oil.

At the moment I post up this review,I already used half of the bottle.I think it has been 2 to 3 weeks I used this and don't be surprise,it wasn't that small.The bottle is quite huge as the toner is 250ml per bottle.I myself think I used a lot everyday since I wash my face about 4 times a day.I know,you're going to say that can damage my skin right??I know it but feeling oily on face half day is sucks!I can't just used oil blotter coz i think the dirt is still there..I usually wash my face before going to work,then second is on the rest time about 1pm or so,then wash again after work when i'm taking bath and lastly before i went to sleep...>_<

I'll try to fix that habit...anyway onto my thoughts;

Pros :
1 - Provide a good moisture along the day or specifically I wore this only for few hours(till I wash my face).
2 - Doesn't break me out.
3 - My face looks like I'm having a good moisture..coz it was shiny?not that oily was a healthy shine.
4 - Free from "Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil, Animal material" that is unhealthy for skin.5 - Pretty reasonable for a big bottle,250ml and the price I bought is only RM60+ from Korea.
6 - Available locally but if you bought locally,the price is RM79.90 so that's pretty expensive.

Cons :
1 - It just only a toner with good moisture but no other function like whitening or anti-wrinkle.
2 - It can be sticky sometimes if you put too much.

That was it!If you have any more questions to ask,feel free to send it to or my

Thanks for reading!Byebye~!


Lenny Indriani said...

can this toner used before applying the bb cream? usually i do cleansing-toner-moisturizer-bbcream.. can it replace the toner+moisturizer? :)

Mizu said...

Hello Noggy92,

Yes,of course you can apply this before wearing your BB Cream but make sure it dries well before you apply your BB Cream ^_^

You can replace your toner+moisturizer with Skin mal:gem Essential type!Because the Essential is Moisturizer,Essence+Cream all in one..but the texture is different from the other skin mal:gem because its more to lotion type.However,you can still used other types that suits your skin the most.

I usually read the Korean blogs and even Etude House themselves recommend the user two types of skin mal:gem.You can combine either two of the toner into your liking..
Thank you.Hope this helps..^_^

kdramagirlmakeup said...

did it work at smoothing your skin?

Mizu said...

well, it does not..basically it just giving the moisture but i found it can sticky when applied too much

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