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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Etude House Global Present!

Finally!!My gift is arrived!!yeayyyyyy~! *jumping in joy*
The first thought looking at the box : It was super pink,cute and so princess-like!!*omg* died in

I am so careful not to tear off any parts of the box when opening it except the cellophane tape of course...:)

and tadaaaa!there are two lipsticks and one Kiss Note!! *zomg*
I know some of you have said this.."lor,you got one Kiss Note already and give this to me"
I know..I know...but how I'm supposed to let go this pinky pink item? >_<

I thought they only will give one lipstick but it was two and both are different shades from the shades that I bought!!oh yeayy!I didn't expect them to give this shades : OR204(orangey-pink) and BE101(nude)

and of course,this two shades review are coming soon~~*too many in the lists to review* #panic

I'll upload the full photos later and see the ribbon design on the box?!It was soooo cute!!!kyaaaaaa

Anyway,please wait for the review~and thanks to Etude House for the lovely gifts!

P/S : There are a group of international Etude House official reviewers and these people will get a box of cosmetics to be reviewed every month.They also called Pink Bird and the things is HOW DID THEY GOT THAT?I also want to be one!T_____T..So lucky~~

I tried new online editor today and it was awesome!Check now!

Byebye~See you later~~annyeong!


Punky Bunny Blog said...

the box and everything is so pinky pretty! i love Etude cuteness :) cant wait for the review ;)

~aiMee/aMz, <3

Mizu said...

yes...they became cuter and cuter..i just can't resist this brand...hehe..

Shasa Su said...

Cute Box^^

By the way how long does U waited for a package to arrive in your town? i win their sweet event to but the prize isn't arrive yet :(

Mizu said...

about 2-3 weeks i think? it was a year ago and i can't remember how long it takes..haha..oh..that's nice!congrats!

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