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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Skin Shop Opening Event Contract with 2AM ♥

Hello guys!How are you doing?I'm so bored right now although I had some undone work now in the office but I think I'm gonna take a bit time to post this up!Actually it have been days that I should post this but I always forgot..forgive me..but it is never too late which the event lasts about few more days!

25th May should be the last day of entering!

If you wonder what I'm talking about,actually I'm referring to the The Skin Shop@fb new event after they signed a new contract with 2AM!Yeah,you heard me right!It's 2AM!!Their previous ambassador is JQT which I think their contract ended few weeks ago.If you are a KPOP fan,you would know whom 2AM is!4 boys with a sweet and harmonize vocal which their songs are nice to be heard in the morning!That's why they are called 2AM!Recently,their song hit the top of most charts in Korea with their song,너도 나처럼
(I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) This was my favorite song from them since their lyrics and melody touches my heart.I really recommend the song for you to hear it!

2AM once came here in Malaysia on 21st May 2011!If you're one of their audience in the showcase,you would see how nice they was and how beautiful their skin is!I myself was a big fan of Korean Cosmetics and even Korean themselves love to take care of their skin including the guys too!For me,it isn't weird because guys needs to take care of their skin too and not just girls,right?

Ok next move on to The Skin Shop!I know some of you may be wondering which brand is The Skin Shop,right?Most of you maybe didn't familiar with this brand because they are just started to broaden their shop internationally recently!They're already popular in Korea since 2007!That was almost 6 years already and it's quite long from the date they established this brand!

Here I show you more information about this brand :


Natural Beauty Magician, THE SKIN SHOP
★ Brand Story ★
In the deep exquisite forest laden with the morning dew, Natural Beauty Magician, THE SKIN SHOP comes out in the world to present the magic of nature for you to have the healthiest skin and most natural beauty. Experience the magical effect of skin care & make-up given by The Skin Shop and fulfill your beauty dreams now.

★ Brand Slogan ★
Nature of the natural beauty cosmetics
Beauty magician, THE SKIN SHOP
THE SKIN SHOP says “FROM” & “TO” of your skin
The ultimate solution in artistic skin make-up by THE SKIN SHOP
Natural Beauty Creation of your beautiful skin story through THE SKIN SHOP

This brand theme is Natural Beauty Magician which is the magic comes from the nature!They're focusing on nature ingredients in every of their products to preserve beauty without using any chemical that would harm the skin!They had a range of products from head to toe that you can select from!

If you ask me what I would think when I saw The Skin Shop name ?
Absolutely their SNAIL Cream/SNAIL BB Cream which was very popular among the users because its ingredients,Snail Mucins!

Before you go any further because I said snail mucins,don't throw up just yet because snail mucins contains a lot of benefit which was very loved by Korea because it can heal your skin,treating the blemishes and pimples and makes it glowy,clean and fresh!Look what happen to most Korean,they are having the nicest skin right?And the answer to that is snail mucins!I also didn't know about the existence of snail mucins until I saw The Skin Shop snail products!

A blogger from Philippines which was selected as one of their blogger last time also said that the Snail BB Cream that The Skin Shop send her changed her skin so much since she had a few break outs from her allergies.See here Shimmerjjang Andhie.(Well,she's lucky to be selected right?coz she tries almost every The Skin Shop's products,I'm

and now onto the EVENT!I know you guys are super excited right and I know you are asking me to stop talking too much!lol

The first thing you should do is : LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK FANPAGE!CLICK HERE(the link will be open in a new page so don't hesitate to click it!

Second! : After you click 'LIKE' on their facebook,leave a minimum 3 sentences of a cheering message for The Skin Shop with 2AM!It could be anything as long as you give support messages or what makes you feel interest in them!Please shared,that would be great!(Read the third instruction before you posted your comment!)

Third! : You have to share this event on facebook or do a blog post like me and LEAVE THE POST URL at the end of the cheering message!If you don't want to such a long blog post like this,it would be enough if you just shared it on facebook!

You guys may have a chance to win FULL SET OF IRIS DERMA SOLUTION WHITENING PLUS+!!

Don't missed this!You'll even have a chance to get a nice skin like 2AM!Good luck and fighting!
This ends on 25th May 2012!

For more information about The Skin Shop,please visit their 

FACEBOOK : The Skin Shop
WEBSITE : The Skin Shop


Kim said...

wow it's great, haven't tried any product from the skin shop though, but it seems to be a good product :D

Mizu said...

neither me!i would love to try their snail products but i haven't got any chance to do so...

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