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Sunday, May 6, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk + Kiss Note feat SHINee and Sandara Park(2NE1)

Wassup guys!It's been sometime since I posted my last review..Sorry,I started my work last week and I've been delayed this post quite sometime.So I got free time today and I'll think I post this up!

It's the lipstick that I bought in my last haul~~
I'm quite happy with the lipstick at the moment and I wear this every single day~

I wouldn't say any further,so take a look at these pictures~!

Update : Read the #BE101 and #OR204 shades reviews HERE!

I bought 2 lipstick and the code is RD304 and PK004.There are 24 shades to choose from and I took such a long time to decide what colors I

The RD304 is a bit reddish and PK004 was bright pink!
It's because I think bright colors are cool for this spring!

You can see the colors on the photo.I basically pick the Dara No.2 and No.4 
without I realizing it!lol

But I would say that the colors shown are not 100% true because the RD304 is not that red.
It differs on what colors your lips are.

The lipstick packaging!Aren't they cute??!
With the small ribbon and princess-y style packaging!!They made me fell in love~~

Oh well,the Korean description.I don't understand them,sorry~~

But they do have some English description too!

The production date.
Many of us overseas have mistaken the date as the expiration date whereas Korean cosmetic 
always print the manufacturing date.
So don't be mistaken again next time!

Have the apps?So crop it!
You'll see more details about the products!

Look at the love-carriage?
It was damn cute! *falls*


Sorry for the blurred swatches.My camera can't do any better than this 
I think it's better because you can see a slight difference between the two colors.

As I said,the RD304 is not that red and it only had a slight difference between PK004.
The colors shown above may not look pigmented as in real because of the lighting problems and all.

So onto my thoughts :

Pros :
1. The colors are truly pigmented.
2. It glides easily without leaving your lips dried.However,I did recommend you to apply on some lip balms if your lips is originally dried.
3. Cute and pretty packaging which I think it can persuade any girls to buy~hihi
4. Small and handy.
5. Got a lot of shades to choose from!
6. Fruity to floral smell..I love it!
7. No shimmers~

Cons :
1. I'm having trouble to open the PK004 cap every time I want to use it.It was pretty tight T^T
2. Disappeared when you eat or drink.Well,this may applies to all lipstick out there..hehe :D

and now onto the KISS NOTE!
I saw a lot of fans have been asking about this book on the EH official page(Msia).
and here I show you the pictures!
Believe me,it was very girly!!~~~

It was pink!!!yeayyyY~~!!

How cute!!SHINee and Sandara!!

Did you watch the Kiss Note short film?
This was one of the scene!

*sigh* I got this pretty blur and I didn't realize it..gomen...
but this is Key's and Taemin's ver!

Sandara and Minho scene!
Very romantic scene and funny too coz Minho's leg is too long!lmao

The rest of the pages got this design! very cuteeee!!

The back book!

P/S : don't forget to enter my giveaway here!I may extend the date because I'm currently are super busy!
and I may add prizes too!


Punky Bunny Blog said...

really nice review <3

Unknown said...

how much the price?

Mizu said...

thank you dear!~glad u like it~

Mizu said...

i think about 15USD?if i'm not mistaken

Isabel said...

omg pls.. that notebook is so dam chio!!

Mizu said...

yea it was!the book is in a great quality!
not just like a promo book..
i think i wouldn't write anything on

tester said...

the book is really cute! ^^

Mizu said...

yea it was!!it was really pretty~

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