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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wonderbox Malaysia July Edition

Hey guys! Sorry coz I'm again neglecting this blog..not that I want to but there is so much to do this Raya celebration and I became a little bit busy..haha

Anyway, previously I receive an e-mail from Jerine Lay from Million Dollar Beauty. She said that I won her 1 year anniversary giveaway which is the new Wonderbox July edition! I was so excited and happy coz this would be my second time receiving a subscription box!Well my first one is of course the theLilacBox - review here.

So just right before Raya a.k.a before the post office went for holiday, I received this super pretty box!
I just like the packaging! The black ribbon suit the transparent flowery details on it - but you can't see it very well in this photos, I apologize.

 an information card on the back 

 Sorry, I'm no professional at taking photos..haha -.-

 the first product that I noticed is this Jade eye roller! It smells so damn good *_*

 I haven't try this yet because b.liv is really expensive so I felt like wanna keep this forever..haha

 It is Le Scenteur not Enchanteur..haha..
but this smells really good just like enchanteur :D

 Some NuTeen products! I only ever tried their Blackhead Away Gel which I bought in Watson previously..
but this stuff really compliments me as I think this box is actually targeting for me and

 Ma Cherie' shampoo and conditioner! I actually have tried the samples which I got from their facebook page - Ma Cherie' Malaysia.

I actually haven't tried most of the product except for the hand lotion and Jade eye roller.
Most of the product smells really good..
Can't wait to try them!

I think it's enough for a short post. Many have been requesting me to do my haul post but the thing is the products that I ordered still did not arrive because the post office are closed during this holiday and probably around this week, the first parcel would arrive. :) and don't worry, this time I would share the stores that I shop with included with the price list as you requested!

If you would like to see more of my updates, head on to my facebook page.
I'm mostly active there which I share a lot of discounted awesome products, new collection, new stuff for future reviews and the stuff that I've been aiming - it's because too many asked me for this so I do share a lot there for you!


Bethany said...

I've always meant to try Ma Cherie. I hear it smells awesome.

YomiC said...

Such a nice beauty box... I wish they send to my country too.

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Mizu said...

yes it did! it smells really good :D

skinandtonics said...

What a lovely box! The way they packaged it is beautiful!

efae said...

very pretty box indeed! I see the flower prints! ^^

Mizu said...

i know right?:)

Mizu said...

good that you see them!the flower prints is all over the box!

Joan Jap said...

Gosh! The products are amazing!!>0<

I want that Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner. What a lovely packaging.


Mizu said...

I know right :D
The packaging is really cute though it is just samples :)

Emi Doll (恵美) said...

The products have such sweet looking packaging :3 Cute!!

恵美より ♥

Mizu said...

it is!Thank you for dropping by :)

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