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Sunday, October 9, 2011

[REVIEW]Nature Republic Ice Yogurt Peeling

Hey there!As promised,I'll be blogging everyday since I have lots of time(actually not really,my mom always drag me to shop everyday since I came back last Friday,lol).Since my parents is living alone,(yeah,my siblings live in their universities) so they feel like nobody is going to accompany them when it goes to shopping..Now,I started my holiday and my mom said this is the only chance to go out with her daughter lol..

Anyway,today I'll reviewing the Nature Republic Ice Yogurt Peeling that I bought last 2 weeks.This is my first time shopping in Nature Republic and I would say that the store in Berjaya Times Square is very spacey and big!!So you don't have to push over people when you're passing through a counter to a counter..lolxD
There are even sitting places and tables(looks like restaurants though!)..Love it!

Actually my only intention is to buy the Nature Republic Aloe but then the salesgirl said this one and another BB Cream got discount after I bought the's clever!So finally I grabbed this face scrub!There is another 3 items in the similar container..the one that have pink in color is sleeping mask.I thought I'm gonna grab those but then I choose the scrub..haha..

I've tried this scrub many times already and it was good!I love the cooling sensation when you put on the scrub onto your face and its about similar to yogurt as well!
and plus,the container was very cute!haha..One of the reason why I bought this for sure!lol
Actually it is in ice cream cup design..Sorry,I'm not a pro photographer..

The lid that covers the scrub!

The scrub..err..I'm sorry,I used this a lot and you should seen the new open scrub,not this!

I put a bit of the scrub onto my hand!It was very tiny and it almost looks like ice cream in texture!

I swirl the scrub on my hand.Sorry for the orange color..My camera is always a problem to me..

The scrub is very tiny so I think this suits sensitive skin or to those people who didn't like harsh scrub on face..This feels very light when apply onto skin and will transform to bubblish foam when you wash it with water..

It has a nice yogurt smell but then when you put the scrub onto your face,it wouldn't smell..coz the smell is too light..

The thing that I may don't like with this is the first time I want to scoop the scrub with my is so hard like it was frozen!It tooks me some time to take a small amount..
Actually,because of the scrub is more like too damp so it will harden in the container but then,it wouldn't be much problem if you wet a little bit on the surface then it would be easy to take some amount out..

So far,I'm liking this scrub coz it has cooling effects and smells nice!

Thanks for reading!See you in the next post!

P/S : Nature Republic is from Korea in you didn't know ^_^ but I'm pretty sure you all are clever enough~


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