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Sunday, February 9, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Play Color Eyes #SoChic Palette

Hi there guys!
How have you been?Hopefully all of you are fine.

It's a middle of the night and I just got a message saying that my wifi limit reached 0.0
Just about I'm going to post this but never mind that, I could purchase a new one tomorrow.

So today, I'm going to review this limited edition palette from Etude House. I actually did not plan to buy this at all but earlier this year, Etude House Korea did an amazing sales which this palette got 30% off from the total price and it made the  price went down so much that I couldn't resist..haha

Another reason probably because I read a review for the palette before and the colors looks so much prettier than the promo pictures. I was pleased with the previous &Rose palette that I reviewed here and I believe that this palette won't disappoint me either.

Product Info :
Name : Etude House Play Color Eyes (So Chic)
Production : Made in Korea
Price : RM48+/- (sales price)

Every colors has its own name :D

The swatches turns out so nice except for the No.9(Sparkling Wine). It actually looks different than the one in the palette. I could say that it almost looks purple to me when applied on eyes but still have a hint of pink.

As you can see, No.2,3,7,8,9 are glittery eyeshadows. It causes fall outs so I really recommend you to apply eyeshadows first because applying your bb cream or foundation. No.1 and 6 are not matte in color, they're not sparkly either but you can see a bit of shine there and as for No.4,5 and 10, they're totally matte in colors.

I could say that most of the colors are very pigmented and buttery in texture. It makes the application so much easier. Just like &Rose palette, this one also had the sheer-matte colors as well. It is the No.4(French Kiss) and No.5(Misty Rose) and these colors are also much similar with the previous palette including No.6(Diva).It took me a few swatches to achieve the No.4&5 because the colors didn't show up well.

No.10 looks black in the picture, and I'm so sorry for that. It is actually a very dark brown in color and very pigmented. It is one of the color that I like in the palette because I don't have to keep re-apply to get the desired intensity.

For No.7(Glam Forest), there's something unique about this color. Because of the flash, the color on palette above shows that it really looks a bit greener than silver but in real (natural light), you can't actually see the green color. As for applying on the eyes, it does came out in a bit green in color.

Based on the swatches picture, except for No.9(Sparkling Wine) and No.10(Leopard Brown), all the colors totally looks the same when applied on the eyes. As I said about the lighting mistake that the No.10 turns a bit darker than it should be but No.9(Sparkling Wine) is really different when I swatch it. It looks like it's not really dark in color but it is actually looks a bit purple with a hint of pink when applied. A bit disappointed because it doesn't looks as in the palette but I'm quite like the color when it comes to burgundy-romantic make up. I did one below but the colors didn't show up well because of the lighting problem. Sorry for that ;(

Overall, this palette is really gorgeous. I still have to figure out on how to suit the No.8(Midnight Star) with other colors though..haha

(sorry for the bad quality, these are taken from my phone)

Update : Some have been asking of what I used for my makeup. I'm not good really, but I'll share anyway :)

Eyes ; 
French Kiss (as the base)
Misty Rose (along my 1/2 eyelid)
Leopard Brown (on the crease)
Diva (Mix with the Leopard Brown on the crease)
Sparkling Wine (on the center on my eyelid filling up until the inner corner)
Coco Brown(on my under eye near to the end of the eye corner)
Pop champagne (at the lower lash line)
Brown pencil liner from EH &Rose to line up my eye.
EH Shocking mascara

Face :
KATE foundation
Brown eyeshadows (to contour my nose and cheekbone)

Lips :
EH Rosy Tint in Tea Rose.
(Note : the tea rose colour is mix up with the after blossom so it shows a bit of red on lips)

Let me know if you don't understand them!haha

I rate the palette ;

Thank you for reading! 


milkyrabbitfox said...

The colours are so pretty! And you look beautiful ;)

Xana said...

I've been seeing so many palettes on blogs these last few weeks, from the urban decay ones to etude house! It's very gorgeous, the colours are so lovely and it seems the universe is telling me to buy one!

Lovely picture of you in the end!

jessica ie said...

so detailed and nice!♡
thanks for the review^^
i think the rose palette one is more feminime xD hehehehe

Arya De Guzman said...

nice colors, but I think I'll use the matted ones hehehe

Bijin Blair said...

Ooooh man, the limited edition factor is calling for me! Doesn't help that the colours are utterly beautiful either hahaha

Mizu said...

The colors are really pretty. I think they're still selling this :D
and thank you :)

Mizu said...

haha..I know! I've been seeing a lot of palette reviews too!You should really buy one :D

Thank you!

Mizu said...

You're much welcome. Yes, the &Rose is more feminine in colors :)

Mizu said...

Oh nice! I don't particularly like glitter either but I make an exception for sweet colors!

Mizu said...

haha..I know right! You can't resist either of those statement! :D

Azwa Mislan said...

The giltter shadows looks scary! Im glad you like it unnie,makes me wanna buy it too lol.

Mizu said...'s not that's not overly glittery though it causes fall outs. You should really try them! It's worth it :D

Fräulein Schnee said...

I like the colors you chose for your pics. Really a nice palette :) thanks for the review!

Sakuranko said...

I received this same palette this week I love it all the colors are so cute pretty and shining, I love it is perfect to me. Thanks for your review!

Mizu said...

I'm loving the burgundy romantic make up so I tried to use the existing colors in the palette and it turns out well. You should try them too :)

Mizu said...

I agree, it's a very beautiful palette :D
Glad you liked it too!

Bethany said...

Love the look. Gorgeous. <3 I was tempted but this palette after liking the &Rose one but gave it a miss due to being poor right now. Haha. I would wear shade 8 in the crease while wearing shade 7 on my lid, personally.

Mizu said...

I truly understand that though.. I haven't really shop much cosmetics recently due to being poor coz all the money was used to buy books T_T

Wow, that's a great idea! I wonder how it will looks like on me..

chocobunnii13 said... have such a cute blog! I can't believe I never saw your blog before... OTL Sorry Mizu-chan!! >.<

But thank you for this review! I've never tried Etude House eyeshadows before...they always seem too expensive to me >< But I really want to try them out one day! It seems like you can make partying look, everyday looks, night out looks, and just anything~ ^_^ Thanks for the review!

Love, Aimee

Mizu said...

aww...thank you sweetie :) it's fun to explore more beauty blogs and your blog is cute too! :D

One tips from me, you can always get any of the products at a cheaper price when they do sales!

Thank you for dropping by Aimee :D

June L. said...

I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous, thank you for the review! I'm loving most of the colours, but there's a few I wouldn't normally use. Meh, I guess that's with all palettes though, haha. (You're super pretty btw o.o)

Jojo Seah said...

omg! your tudung & your makeup really match! You're so pretty!

Mizu said...

haha..I'm so agree with you, though the palette is gorgeous, i probably didn't used most of the colors there esp the silver green and midnight blue..haha..

Thanks for the compliment and dropping by :D

Mizu said...

awww..thank you. It is really a coincidence coz never though the eye makeup would match my tudung..haha :)

Gin said...

This palette is like, a better version of the Naked palettes in my opinion. I just love the colors so much more, only if they didn't fall out so easily. :c

Thank you for the review!

Mizu said...

Glad that you liked them! I pretty much liked the colors but the glitters are easily fall for me.

Thank you for dropping by :)

Sample Hime said...

Guhhh your comment system hates me! Always so hard to load. >...> I have this palette so I don't have much to say except you look absolutely gorgeous! I hope you will try to do some eye tutorials <3

Mizu said...

awww..i have other commenter saying the same..probably the internet speed affect the load time. I had prob with google comments as well coz it opens for too long T_T ..I really need other commenting system to work with my blog..hmm

and thank you so much,i actually doesn't know where to start with eye make up tutorial or more like i don't know how to do it. but i'll consider your request coz i've been receiving lots of message regarding make up tuto.

thanks sweetie!

Michelle said...

The palette looks beautiful! The colours look great on you too! Maybe I should purchase some etude house shadows now lol

SuperRach Love said...

omg these colours are so nice! reminds me of why i love etude house so much :D

hope we can follow each other :D
Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other :) x

Mizu said...

Thank you dear! You should try them! It's worth it if you're looking for something affordable with formidable quality.

thanks for dropping by :D

Mizu said...

Hi Rachel! thanks for dropping by!
Sure, I'll follow you back!

Hanna said...

May I know where did you buy it?

Mizu said...

Hi Hanna,

I ask my Korean friend to help me to buy it at Etude House Korea outlet ^_^

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