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Friday, February 21, 2014

[REVIEW] HiShop Fairy Beauty - Fairy Whitez

Hey there guys!
I'm really sorry that I only have time to blog on weekend ;(
(this post is excluded because I already done it for sometime!haha)
I will work hard to spend more time on blog!Wish me luck :)

Today, I'll be reviewing this supplements from Fairy Beauty which is sent to me by :D

Before that, I would like to apologize for the unseemly looking box. There are a few bottles broke during the delivery to my box and I was sent with three boxes to try and I could say that every box is damaged and the total bottles that broke are 8 and that means almost a box. I did contact their representative but oh well, I didn't heard anything until today :( . It's okay though, at least I got to try them :D

I took 2 bottles a day on the first two weeks and a single bottle on week 3.It doesn't matter on how much bottles you took a day but for me, the reason I took 2 bottles per day because I want to see the results immediately :)

Product Info ;

Name : Fairy Whitez
Type : Beauty Drink
Production : Made in Malaysia
Halal Certificate : Yes

Some nice listed benefits!

This is a beauty drink so don't get confused..hehe

The box is properly cleaned by me :D

I really wanted to try this Fairy Whitez for sometime and I'm really glad that HiShop sent me three boxes to try them out! Much excited when the parcel arrives but blame the delivery that caused a few bottles to broke and I can't continue to consume them in the fourth week :(

I tried the Fairy Blossom previously and I could tell that they tasted almost the same. Probably because both contain the same berry ingredient :) The texture is thick and the 22ml bottle can easily gone in a few seconds..haha

Flavour is okay, I don't particularly have problem with that coz it tasted like smashed berries..:D

For the results, I actually did not see much improvements in the first week but I did saw that my face looks brighter in the second week!I used to have dull skin and even whitening products alone can't easily improve them for a long term.

My favourite part would be the effect of the supplement on my pimples and acne! My face can easily breaking out(that's for sure) and I think by taking this supplement, I hardly get any noticeable pimples or acne and the scars also ligthten especially on my cheeks. I don't have a proof picture to show but it really works for me!

As per improving wrinkles, I actually don't have much noticeable wrinkles on my face yet but there are fine lines especially on my under eye and forehead. I could tell that it does nothing on my forehead but since my face looks like it contains enough water, the under eye fine lines did improve slightly along with the dark circles. The reason why it can't improve so much is maybe because I don't have a proper sleeping time and a lot of time are spent in front of my laptop screen so that also can be one of the factor.
Sorry for different lighting. I just want to show how my under eyes looks like before using this Fairy Whitez and after using it for three weeks. 
Note : I put on serum for the after picture so it might affect the result a little bit.

A little precaution for you :)

Thank you for reading!

*HiShop is currently doing sales for Fairy Beauty products on their website!Check them out!

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