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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Testerkorea Small Haul

Hey there guys!
I know this post seems appropriate coz I wanted to share my happiness with you but at the same time, the missing of airplane MH370, still breaks my heart. Though non of my family are involved, but I'm still sad. Hopefully, the search team will be able to find them soon. I also want to thanks to the fellow countries that also help with the search. #PrayforMH370
 In case you haven't heard about the case, it's everywhere on the Google.

Anyway, today I'll be sharing the small haul I did in February at testerkorea. I  wanted to spend more on makeup but buying skincare product broke me so much!haha (It still hasn't arrived TT)

I'm still new at unboxing

Some of the products from Etude House, 3CE, and TheFaceShop. 

These are the 3CE Gel Eye Liner in Black and 3CE Super Slim Pen Liner in Brown.

The new products from Etude House that are Etude House Skin-Fit Foundation in W13 and Etude House Color Lips-fit in PK002.

My current favorite brow auto pencil! I tried one before and getting hooked with it after the Etude House's version.

I originally wanted to spend all on Etude's products but though, my mind changes like so many times until I forgot to included the products that I really wanted to try --> Etude's Face Conditioning Cream.haha
but no worries, last week, Etude Korea had sales going on so I spend a lot buying their products that I don't get to try yet..hehe
For the Skin-Fit Foundation, I don't know why I add this product into the cart..?Not sure, maybe I was excited to see all these new products added and bought it without realizing..haha
If you asking for the Color Lips-Fit, to be honest, the color is super neon!gahh..I was really shocked when I tried it on lips o.o 

For Stylenanda 3CE products, I really wanted to try this brand for so long but never got chance considering the high price. Well, I finally did and was super excited to see them! It turns that products are so freaking small! QAQ

Overall, I actually have try all of these products!Some impressed me so much and some are maybe not.
I'll be writing the review soon, probably in this week because I'm in my mid sem break so I got nothing to do at home..haha

Thank you for reading!


Xana said...

Such lovely products you got! Can't wait to check your review on them. I would love to see the colour of the lipstick.

Dany chan said...

Hello Mizuchan!^^)/
I'm so glad for reading you again! This is a really cute haul!<3 I have never bought from Testerkorea, isn't very expensive?;< Awww, the Etude House products <3 even with a simple packaging are still really cute!
Hope you enjoy your free days!

Joyce said...

nice haul ^_^ mizu!

Mizu said...

Thank you Xana, Will do the review soon :)

Mizu said...

Hai Dany,

You should try testerkorea, they offered the same price as Korean outlet!I've checked several times and it's true :)

Thank you :)

Mizu said...

Thank you Joyce :)

Bethany said...

Hope to see some reviews, particularly of the 3CE stuff. ^_^

I've been following the news on MH370 too. It's so sad. All the mystery behind it is really worrying, too.

Yue Rain said...

oh, nice makeup haul. probably can mix with other lipstick to tone down the etude house colour lips fit. It is the trend of wearing neon colour now.

Mizu said...

Sure, will do the reviews soon :D

I know right, it's weird that they still haven't found anything related to the airplane ;(

Mizu said...

haha.. i do mixed them up because the color is too bright and it wouldn't suit daily make up..haha..probably those who dress up like hipster would love the neon color though..i'm too nerdy for

Suzanne Lim said...

Really sad for MH370. I pray that the search team would find them soon.
It breaks my heart to see such a incident happening and also happening to a world's safest airline.

Such an awesome haul. It makes me wanna try out and it seems like it is not very expensive.
Would like to know your review on the Etude House Skin-Fit foundation and also their Color Lips-Fit.
3CE by StyleNanda is kinda pricey right? but I also really want to try their items, I just hauled up some of their items too. Quite wallet breaking T_T

Mizu said...

I know right. It's even sad that until now they haven't found anything related to the's a total mystery.

Do try testerkorea esp when they're having sales! They go dive quite an amount of samples too :)

I just did the review for the Color Lips-fit today and will be posting the foundation review soon. 3CE is definitely expensive. My wallet are crying..haha

Thanks for dropping by :)

Bijin Blair said...

Review the foundation please and oooh, it seems that you like the eyebrow stuff from TFS? Are they all different colours?

Mizu said...

Sure! Will post the review soon for the foundation :D
Yup, love the eyebrow very much because I don't need to stroke a few times to get the desired color. The three of them are similar in color(No.3, Black Brown). Another two is for my sister and grandma..haha

hardpliers . said...

The brow pencil looks awesome!

Mizu said...

It is awesome! Recommended :D

mimi said...

hai. nak tanya. u order this direct from korea right? im thinking of buying too but did the custom charge u for tax when it reached malaysia?

Mizu said...

According to custom, yes you will be charged for importing cosmetics but i just play it safe, not buying much i don't get charged

wawa said...

Hai.i wanted to ask u whether u received the parcel kat rumah or u have to go and claim it?coz i pun ada order semalam?hope u reply me

Mizu said...

dprg hantar kat rumah

syifaa said...

hye i just want to ask, how much you pay for the shipping?

Mizu said...

Hi Syifaa,
The shipping generally are based on weight. There are four kinds of shipping options they provided which I usually choose the cheapest(Korea Registered Mail). For the lowest weight(not sure the range), I think it's around 3,300won(RM15+) . There are K-Packet, EMS too. K-Packet is basically the faster version of Korea Registered Mail with added a bit of price. Not too high like EMS.

But I would say, the shipping fee depends on weight.

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