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Friday, March 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Stylenanda 3CE Super Slim Pen Eye Liner

I manage to spent a bit of my time this week to blog!yeay~
So I'll be reviewing this pen liner which one the item that I bought in my small haul :)
Product Info :
Name : Super Slim Pen Eye Liner #Brown
Brand : Stylenanda 3CE
Production : Made in Korea
Colors Available : Black and Brown
Purchased from : Testerkorea

Stylenanda seal. Beware of fakes!

Thin brush for precise lining <3

This is the before and after I wash my hand. Somehow the line is removed by only water but leave a grey-black undertone to it. The top is one swatch, followed by twice swatch for the middle and three swatches for the bottom line. It doesn't have that much difference in terms of color though because the liquid color is really light to begin with, almost unnoticeable for medium skin tone like me.

I pointed out on how the color transfer to my eyelid after applied ;( That one thing that I dislike the most. I'm not sure how many swatches I need to get that color on my eyes, probably 10 times lining.

Aside from that, there is a little smudge on my under eyes after a few hours(not in the picture) though at the end of the day, the liner is actually quite tough to remove with water so I'm not sure whether to classified this as waterproof or not.

The brush is really smooth but I felt a bit ticklish with it but I really like that it is really easy to create a thin lines with this. There is no noticeable smell to it if you're curious.

Overall, I think this eyeliner is just so-so in terms of color. To those who had lighter skin or prefer to have a very light brown for eyeliner, you might like this. I might have rated this good if they improve on the color transfer part as well as the color intensity.

I rate this ;

Thank you for reading :)


Sample Hime said...

Eyeliner transfer is the worst >...< and so embarrassing when no one tells you (which is most of the time lol). This eyeliner style looks great on you at least =)

Mizu said...

I knoww...;(

Mizu said... agreee!! no one ever tell me if the eyeliner transferred to my eyelid. I only notice it when taking break in the

nah...that was the one and only eyeliner style that i do know to do..haha

LauraLeia said...

It's tooo light! >< And the colour transfer.... x_x

Mizu said...

too bad isn't it?

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