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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Color Lips-Fit #PK002

Hello sweeties, I'll be reviewing this new Color Lips-Fit from Etude House which is recently launched in Korea :) I wanted to read others opinion for this lipstick before buying but since I did not found any so I decided to order this in Feb in color #PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink. The one that Sulli and Krystal wear is another color and I also purchased Sulli's color in PK003 last week so I'm excited to see how the turns out!
Product Info ;
Name : Color Lips-Fit #PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Date of Production : 27/01/2014
Net weight : 10g / 0.35 oz.
Purchased from : Testerkorea
The packaging of Etude never fails in terms of its cuteness :)

The packaging is of course at the top. Etude House never fails in terms of making cutesy and princessy packaging :D

There are 6 in total of colors for this product and 1 top coat. I guess they're trying to imitate Clio lipnicure though..haha.. Most colors range from bright pink, subtle pink, coral to orange. I think that's the theme for Spring this year. I personally choose PK002 because based from swatches that I seen on youtube, the color is pretty and not too overboard.

It turns out that the color is very neon, you could see from above swatches. I don't think it would suit everyday wear because it was too bright. My first test is before I going to a wedding party and panicked when I saw the color is too bright. 

The lipstick dries matte. I actually expected this when I saw their launching ads but somehow the swatches on youtube is way different. It looks moist (?) TT.. I was tricked into buying so there you go, lip cracks and chapped lips starting to appear after a while and it looks so horrible ;(

Many suggest that to scrub your lips before wearing them and yes you can do that to remove chapped lips but it won't change the fact that it will turn nasty later.  I'm not sure how it turns after applying the top coat tho.

I can't really say that it is waterproof. The first time I put the swatches under the water, the color did not budge at all but when I touched it, I can see that it transfer the color to my finger. It smells like a strawberry candy and I think the smell is strong even after I put them on my lips.

Last but not least, I don't recommend anyone with dry lips like mine coz the lipsfit formula is just too horrible. It'll dry and cause uneven color and clumpy on the lips.

You'll like it ;
1- If you're a sucker of matte lips
2 - Love neon color

You'll hate it :
1 - If you have dry and chapped lips like me
2 - Dislike matte lipsticks

Thank you for reading :)
credit to liquoricekseniya for the flower petals texture.


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