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Sunday, August 23, 2015

[REVIEW] TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher X Collab with Q-Depot

Hey guys! How are you? It's been sometime! I've been so busy these days plus I just got my camera back last week and I finally free this time so I did what I can.

Today I'll review this cute blusher sent to me by Q-Depot. Weeks previously, Q-Depot sent me an e-mail for collaboration and I said yes because they have been so kind to me! If you didn't know, Q-Depot is one of the online Korean beauty shopping that sells various Korean beauty products. Last time they did a major sales on the Banila co products including the bestseller, Banila co Clean It Zero and I think they still do! You can visit their website by clicking HERE or the sidebar picture of my blog :D

  •   Free shipping worldwide for orders above USD 69.00
  •   Any order below 69.00 will have a very low flat rate starting at 2.99
  •   Over thousand products and 25+ brands
  •   Free worldwide shipping and 30 days free returns
  •   Genuine and fresh products directly shipped from our warehouse in Korea
  •   Carrying Cruelty Free brands include Etude House, Laneige , Mamonde, Sulwhasoo, IOPE, Hera, Innisfree, NoTs
  •  They are committed to donate 3% of their net profit for social causes and donations, as social responsibility is one of the core value of q-depot.
Since I'm an international business student, I know how important it is for a company to do CSR because no matter what you give back, it did a huge favor to the society :D

Without further rambles, let's go to the review :)

It came in a cute round paper box packaging which you open the lid completely to see the inside.

The definitely sent me a newly production product since this will be expired in 2018!

It has a tiny tiny glitter to it which isn't visible when put on face.

I got the color 05 Peach Cushion and as you might see, the color is suppose to be pastel-like and it is very very sheer when applied to the face. So in order for the blush to show up on my warm tone skin, I had to re-apply it for a few times.

The blush itself doesn't have any fragrance and what amaze me is that, although I had to re-apply it, the blush doesn't turns cakey on me and it stays on pretty well though I sweat a lot!haha

I'm not sure what a "cushion" term has to do with this blusher because it is only a normal powder blush but maybe I think it has to do with the puff. The puff is really soft and I think it might do well to apply blush to those who might prefer a very light color on cheek. Perhaps it will do great on pale skin tone.

Overall, I think it's s nice blusher if you just want to add a slight color on the cheek :)

I haven't wear orange for so long! Did it look weird on me? Also, did you notice something different with my eyes? haha, I did wear contacts! I do have a few before but all of them were so uncomfortable and it was an expensive ones too! This new one that I bought were so comfortable that it surprised me! hmm maybe I'll try another color next time :)


Thank you for reading!
Much love xoxo


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