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Monday, August 31, 2015

[REVIEW] Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Hi guys! Remember the haul that I did with Althea? This green tea seed serum is one of my purchase with them because I've been wanting this for so long but always distracted by something else..XD

I knew Innisfree released the limited version of this (bigger size) but it was sold out on testerkorea and I'm not sure if it will be available. If it does, I'm definitely going to buy the bigger version next!

I love how round and cute the bottle is :)

It suppose to be a very light green in color but it doesn't show up on my yellow skin. 

This bottle is the 60ml in volume and personally I think it was too little for me!haha
Because once I love everything about a product, I became a bit greedy in applying. The amount that I put on was a little bit over the top but that's how I like it.

I would say that this serum smells heavenly. It wasn't too much like too fragrance-y but it was quite refreshing.The liquid is not really watery in my opinion, a bit jelly like but not too much. I could say about 1 jelly : 9 water.

The serum is not sticky and it absorbed pretty fast once applied and it leave the skin moisturize and soft. Usually I would apply this serum after I wash my face or after I wear a long day makeup because I tend to broke out quite easy. 

I know that I will broke out if my face feels itchy even after double-cleansing and I would apply a generous amount of this serum on the spot and it totally saves me because I haven't seen any acne or pimples popping up on the next day :)

I don't have much to say about this but if you have any questions, do let me know.
Overall, it's a great serum that you should have in your skincare stash :D

I rate this :

Thank you for reading :)


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