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Sunday, August 30, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Velour Flat Pen Tint

Hi guys~ I'm on short holiday for the Malaysia Independence Day (31 Aug) but sadly I will be back to college tomorrow T_T But before I going back, maybe I'll try to post some reviews for you guys :)

About this product, I bought it on my previous previous haul (lol) and this has been sitting in the draft section for sometime. Missha released this pen tint about the same time they released Missha Painting Rouge which is a great product and I have reviewed two of the colors HERE.

The tip is flat and a bit wide like a flat marker than pen.

According to my laptop screen, this swatch is the exact color. "Lovely berry" is the shade I'm reviewing.

Do you know when there is a time when marker tint is quite popular? Some companies still produce that type of marker like Peripera etc. but for me I think the trend has slow down a bit. I never tried any marker pen myself but I do tested out some from Peripera. It wasn't to my liking because it didn't moisturize at all so I didn't buy them until now.

You could say that I bought this pen tint from Missha as a blind buying since I did not notice at all that this pen type can be categorized the same as those tint markers. It quite surprised me when it arrives and I just found out about it then and probably the reason why this review is postpone until today XD

As I expected, this tint does not moisturize at all. I guess it can be considered just like the water tint but with the easier applicator. The applicator is the only thing great of this product because it allows me to do specific lining according to my lip shape.

There's another downside other than it's not moisturizing such as the tint is easily dries up on the applicator. It quite bothers me since I can't shake it or do anything to make sure the liquid soak the applicator. 

Originally the tint is quite red but it gradually turn a bit more pinkish-red until this time around and I don't even use this regularly. The color last about 2-3 hours but it will disappear easier when eat or drink.

Since I said so many bad things about this, I will list some good things too. This pen tint is really slim like a pen and it is easy to bring anywhere, the color is buildable and it won't make the lips looks patchy even if I irregularly applying the colors. 

 I would recommend this pen tint to those who love natural color on the lip, doesn't have pigmented lips as well as having a plump lip. Others, you might have to reconsider.

I never wear any green hijab nor kurung before so I look so weird here lol
Anyway, I'm wearing the pen tint on my lip in this picture.

I rate this;

Thank you for reading :)


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