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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT

Avène Cleanance - in order of skincare steps.

I’ve been given a chance by Avene to try out the Avène Cleanance EXPERT emulsion from the TAP program by Seeties.
In order to experience a full result, I was also given complimentary size products of the Avène Cleanance cleansing water, cleansing gel, toner, lotion and mask.

Its benefits:

- Cleanses and removes make-up: its surfactants gently and effectively eliminate impurities from the skin.
- Regulates sebum: Glyceryl laurate (patent pending) regulates the hyper-production of sebum.
- Purifies: cetrimonium bromide purifies the skin.
- Soothing: rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, it contains all its soothing and softening properties.

Review: This cleansing water is amazing! I usually clean my makeup by using the oil cleanser and have been using this afterwards and it leaves my skin super moisturise and smooth. My pores are totally tight. I’m not sure why the order of cleansing that this came first before the gel cleanser but I usually used it after the gel cleanser because I didn’t want to wash it(it’s no-rinse by the way)

Its benefits:

- Purifying: Its gentle, soapless base cleanses your skin gently and leaves it feeling refreshed.
- Regulating: Glyceryl laurate regulates excess sebum. Mattifies your skin.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water, soothing, softening, provides instant soothing to your skin.
- Easy to use: Easy to use dispenser cap measures the right amount.

Review: This gel cleanser produce bubbles easy when you lather it up. What I like about it is that it is not hard to remove like normal face wash because it was soapless. It felt nice on the skin and it doesn’t strip out the moisture from my skin. Added with the Thermal Spring Water, I really feel that it does lots of goodness to the skin. The full-sized product is amounted at 200ml per bottle. And it came with a dispenser cap to ease the use.

Its benefits:

- Purifying: Thanks to the purifying actives included in its transparent phase, your skin becomes clean and clear.
- Matifying: Glyceryl laurate, combined with absorbent powders, reduces excess sebum. Your skin has a long-lasting, shine-free effect.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water is soothing and anti-irritating and gives your skin an instant feeling of calm.

Review: This toner is definitely mattifying my skin. It’s watery in texture and absorb pretty fast into the skin. This is a good prep toner before I apply the Cleanance EXPERT cream. It’s important the shake the bottle before using because the after a while, the two substance will separate.

Its benefits:

- Anti-blemishes: DiolénylTM*, a patented innovation developed by Pierre Fabre Research, with a selective triple action to limit the risk of bacterial proliferation (clinically in vitro proven on P. acnes), reduce redness and help eliminate spots.
- Exfoliating: X-PressinTM* helps reduce blackheads and smoothes the skin's texture.
- Mattifying: Monolaurin* regulates the hyperproduction of sebum.
- Cleanance EXPERT is a light emulsion that is easy to apply. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and mattified. It makes a good make-up base.

Review: Avène Cleanance EXPERT is an acne treatment that you should try. It’s a lightweight emulsion and it came in a white opaque colour but spread clear. Usually the emulsion for blemishes skin wouldn’t be so moisturising but it differs with this emulsion. I felt that it moisturise my skin very well until the next day I woke up from bed. In two weeks of trying, I can see that it really makes difference on my skin. I didn’t encounter any new breakout while using this. Though it as recommended if you combine it with another pimple/acne medicine treatment  but I feel like the emulsion alone manage to prevent any new breakout on my skin.

Its benefits:

- Regulating: Regulates sebum production thanks to its new active ingredient, glyceryl laurate.
- Mattifying: Its microcapsules absorb excess sebum for an instant shine-free effect.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water, is soothing and anti-irritating and gives your skin a soft feeling.

Review: The full-tube is 40ml and this is only the sample size (6ml). The lotion is semi-opaque and spread clear. It almost felt watery and a bit cool to touch when spreading this cream onto my face. As a compliment to the Cleanance EXPERT, I think both combinations are so good in terms of supplying moisture. It mattify but gives a good amount of moisture to the skin.

Its benefits:

- Deep cleansing: When used as a scrub, it gently eliminates skin imperfections with its AHA and BHA complex combined with exfoliating particles. Your skin tone becomes clearer. Your skin becomes smoother.
- Mattifying: The soft clay absorbs the excess sebum. Combined with Glyceryl laurate which regulates the hyper-production of sebum, it leaves your skin shine-free.
- Soothing: with its rich content of the naturally soothing and anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Review: The mask is in opaque white with bits. It works great for both scrubbing and masking. Just apply it onto the face and scrub for a minute or so and leave it for a few minutes. Then you can either wash it or gently wipe it. The bits are gentle enough for blemishes skin and it doesn’t hurt my sensitive skin. My skin feels a lot better and my pores felt tight after use and I usually use this like 2 times per week since my skin kind of collected dirt pretty soon.

Look on how amazing it is on reducing the redness on my face! As I previously said, this whole skincare just prevent me from having breakout and it also reduces the redness on my face. Probably because the ingredient is gentle on the skin that it didn’t damage any further of my tissues compared to what I use during normal cleansing.

Overall, I’m so in love with Avène Cleanance! It’s a great skincare for those who have blemishes or oily skin like me because it prevents the acne from popping up as well as providing enough moisture to the skin and at the same time keep the face less oily all day. You should definitely try this out and see what it does to your skin :)

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