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Monday, March 19, 2012

[REVIEW]Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Hi~!This is my second post for today!Yeah..I wanna flood this blog with reviews everyday!haha..

Anyway,I got this foundation primer from Nicole's Mirror blog when she held a giveaway last year~I think I have this for quite long though and I've keep this picture for so long

I was happy when they wrote an oil free primer but I didn't test it on blotting paper..awww..I'm sorry..I totally forgot about that..

I remember that I wear this quite few times back in the days where I used BB cream every single day..I would say that this is easy to apply and spread and it is a glossy type..

Besides that,this is dried quite fast so don't worry about the texture because it absorb quite good and doesn't leave a sticky feeling plus it makes my skin smoother.Although the color is white but it dries transparent.

But what I don't like the most about this primer is it doesn't have a good oil control and the smell was so a burn metal?Seriously,the smell makes me wanna throw up..lolol..

So have you tried this?What you say?


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