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Saturday, March 17, 2012

[DRAMA REVIEW & SYNOPSIS]Korean Drama : The Moon Embracing The Sun

This is my first time writing a review about a drama so any unsatisfied-ness,I firstly apologized..and ATTENTION,this post may contain SPOILER~!

I never said before that I was actually a big fan of Korean drama too but at the same time,I do enjoy Japanese movies than

This drama started the end of last year if I'm not wrong, and overall this drama is based on Korean historical story or known as "Saeguk"

To be honest, my first time saw 'saeguk' ads and I was turn down since I don't like history but then my first 'saeguk' drama was Princess Hours or known as 'Goong'..The story mix between old and modern days so it doesn't count much but then my interest to "saeguk" grows after I coincidentally watch "King Gwanggaeto The Great" but I'm not sure if this was the was somewhere between 2010 and 2011 and I don't even google the title at that time..

So, last year,I was really bored because no new drama that was really caught my attention after "Me Too,Flower" so I decided to watch this drama which have been broadcast about 8 episodes that time after so much raved..hmm..maybe I saw the drama ranking so finally I decide to watch this..

and for the first time watching,I already fall in love like 100%..the drama was indeed good.I wanted more and more every time I watch each episode.Okay,let me say more,to whoever that was never watch "saeguk" or never intended to watch either,you guys should really try this drama..yes,it was historical style but I'm the type who loved Romantic Comedy genre and this drama really was it!It has a lot of funny,romantic and also touching scenes.

I once joined a program organized by my university and I met an "unni" which was my facilitator that day,the whole program was cancelled and we sat down having an ice breaking.Somehow she start to ask whoever watch Korean drama and I immediately say I was and she ask what drama I'm watching?I replied her back saying whether older or newer drama that she was referring to?and she said anything.So I answered her,The Moon Embracing The Sun and she said that she only watch some episodes and she wasn't interested because the drama wasn't great..I was like..are you fucking kidding me?I bet you actually never knew what the drama was because she immediately change her topic title after she said that..*pfft* 99.9% percent around me got stuck into this drama because I told them to watch and 0.1% is her.I wasn't mad at her because she didn't like this drama but the way she says it make it so rude..

Back to the drama,before I went any further,this is the cast name in the drama;
Lee Hwon(King)
Yeon Woo(King's love)
Yang Myeong(King's brother but different mom which is Hwon's father's concubine son)
Hyeon Sung(King's assistant)
Woon(King's private warrior)
Heo Yeom(Nation's best students,MinHwa's husband)
MinHwa(King's younger sister)
Bo Kyeong(King's Queen when everybody thought Yeon Woo's died so she replaced Yeon Woo's place to be the queen)
Queen Yoon(King's grandmother)
Minister Yoon(King's head of minister with evil intentions)
Nok Kyeong(Palace head shaman)

This story starts with a Joseon Kingdom which have a King and a Prince.Unfortunately,the King had one more son than the current Prince with his concubine.So according to hierarchy, the concubine's son with the King can't be the King unless the Prince died.

The Prince relationships with his brother(the concubine's son) was really good since his brother never really care about the throne but one thing is the current King(his father) never shows any interest in him which makes him really sad to be a concubine's son but he never convert his sad to hate to the Prince.

Not longer, the Prince eventually fall in love with a girl which he coincidentally meet when he wanted to escape from the palace.They fall onto each other and start the day,the Prince tried to contact the girl every time and the girl just known that the boy she meet at the palace was the Prince.

The King brings the nation's best student to be the Prince tutor since the Prince was so picky about his teacher that can't beat him every single time.The Prince was very shocked to know that his current teacher was a 17 years old teacher which is 2 years older than him.He can't accept him however the Prince lose in the bet they made and agree to take the boy as his teacher.Since from the start,the Prince's younger sister,shown a great affections towards the Prince's teacher although she was only 8 years old.She then request to the King to make his brother's teacher become hers and the King void the request.After a long beg,the King decided to take the minister's daughter to be brought into the palace which was Yeon Woo and Bo Kyeong.

Prince Hwon know that Yeon Woo will reside in the palace and he requests to see her.Yeon Woo which was really wanted to avoid the Prince eventually said that the younger's Yeom sister wasn't her and Bo Kyeong was drag into the secret meeting place.The Prince saying his affections and he realize that the servant brings the wrong girl.At the same time,Bo Kyeong fell in love with the prince.He then leaves her there and Bo Kyeong was really sad because she already knows that the Prince likes Yeon Woo.

The day for the selection of crown princess is coming near and Prince Hwon requests to Yeom to let her sister enter the selection but Yeom didn't agree because she doesn't want her sister to live in the palace which is a dangerous place and was very lonely.Prince Hwon protests and eventually Yeon Woo enter into the selection because she likes the prince since the prince shows a great attention towards her and cleared the misunderstood.

In the selection,Yeon Woo succeed to be the Crown Princess chosen by the King because her thoughtful answers and her wise personality.Bo Kyeong was really mad because she wasn't chosen so she follow her evil's father wrongdoing with Prince Hwon's grandmother which kill Yeon Woo through black magic.Nok Kyeong was chosen to do it and she was in between her late friend's request which to protect Yeon Woo and the Queen Yoon's threat to her.



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