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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Etude House SHINI Star,Skin Mal:Gem and Milk Talk Body Wash!

Good afternoon peeps!Sorry because there are lacks of posts from me..It's because I'm waiting for my Korean hauls to arrive(the seller that I bought from said that it got detained so waiting for them to settle that) T^T..I wish it will be okay coz I ordered Skin Mal:Gem and SHINI Star in the batch..

But forget about that now..
Etude House MY(Malaysia) just uploaded new items in their facebook today that are Skin Mal:Gem,SHINI Star and Milk Talk Body Wash(quite funny name huh?)

Update 19/5/2012 : Are you looking for Skin Mal:Gem review?Click here!

I was really excited to see finally they arrived in Malaysia after such a long time..>_<
But sad,Dear My Lips are not available yet..(I want the lipstick that Dara used!)

(Cr :

In my Korean cosmetics hauls,I bought the Smoother type which Dara and Onew used!heheXD..I want to get the Moist after this(since the Deep Moist wouldn't suit oily skin I think).Although the Fresh type is made for oily skin but I want something that can make my skin a bit moist..

(Cr :

The reason why I choose to buy SHINI Star(actually I only bought two in this collection that are Jonghyun's Pick and Key's Pick) since I love natural pink and want to try orange color..Plusssss..they have signature on the back of the cover!!woohoooo!I wish to collect all but need to have money first..*sigh*

ahh..not to forget,they have this too in SHINI Star Collection..

(Cr :

(Cr : koreaseller@ebay)

I just know that they have this too!!The major point of this body wash not only the cute packaging but there is a sponge included with each bottle!You can see it in above picture!!It was kawaiiiiii!!arghh..I can't stand the kawai-ness of these products..>_<..I would love to try the chocolate bath!!yum..yum~~

All of these items are available now in Etude House Malaysia so grab it now!

and here is the March promotion!Don't missed this!

Visit MY Etude House facebook here!

I want to grab this but no one would take me to the shop..anybody willing to buy this for me??I'll give you the money for sure...T^T..Pleaseee~~


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