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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Guardian/Watson Haul Post 1

Hai..we meet again!lol..
It was freaking cold now(in Malaysia?) probably would be weird if Malaysia is cold but it was raining again  these days and my repeated sentence again would probably my place now is in forest..yeah..forest!
p/s : not the forest which have no electricity and all(that was a big fat lie!)
Just generally this place is full of trees and we only have a small town that was 15km away from should get out of this place soon!
So lots of fog from the trees that makes this place colder..

Just a short post about my haul last 2 weeks' Saturday..hoho..I actually wanted to do this post earlier but becoz of some reasons,I postponed it until today..There will be some 3 posts straight too for today...>_<
I guess this is my first ever success listing haul which I manage to buy only the thing that I really wanted...yeay~!

Taken from android camera app..pretty cool right?

The items are Pantene Hair Fall Control Intensive Treatment in sheets,Sophie Monk Mask,Garnier Age Lift Eye Cream,Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Face Wash(Blemish-prone skin)(New!) and Biore Cleansing Oil!

Reasons why I bought these products,
1 -  Pantene Hai Fall Control Intensive Treatment - I have a major hair falls that freaks me out!
2 - Sophie Monk Mask - Been wanting to try this for so long!Looks cute too!lol
3 - Garnier Age Lift Eye Cream - I wanted a new eye cream after the Nivea one doesn't work for me.
4 - Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Face Wash - did give this a nice review! and I was out of face wash too!
5 - Biore Cleansing Oil - Why?Because I start to wear BB Cream again!(But not that frequent.Only the times I think I wouldn't go out for so long only or the day wasn't too hot) plus I've been wanting to try this since my Hada Labo Cleansing Oil doesn't remove waterproof mascara T^T

I will review all of these babies later!Thanks!


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