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Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey guys!Can I scream first??yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!Finally,my Big Bang autographed album arrived!!!OMG..I really can't express how excited I was when the Korea Post box sent by the postmen arrived at my home!!I seriously scream right after I signed the paper..lolO(≧∇≦)O .. and I'm gonna cry(ToT)because I'm too happy!! *sakura falling*

I just received a message this morning from StarCity Stella saying that they already ship the album yesterday and what surprises me more was the album arrived today!How can it be incredibly fast from Korea to Malaysia?So I guess that they actually ship the album on 28th March~That way I think it was way possible coz they said on the earlier message that they will send this on 28th March~(^o^)/

So here are the photos!!I already post this on my facebook and thank you to all my facebook friends,you guys were so nice!I wish you succeed next time~!! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

This time the pictures were larger in size and resolution,so its a bit heavy,you can always click the 
picture to make it bigger~

tadaaaaaaaaa!! \(^▽^*)(*^▽^)/

Such a cute note from StarCity~~hehe \(^ ^)/

Yes,the box was pretty big!!I thought they include something else than the album *ehe* but actually
 it was full of bubble wraps that wrapped the album!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆!!

The metal cover of course..hahaXD There was like a round-shape-like design on it but it was 
actually the effects of the bubble wraps! (*≧▽≦)

Oh yeahhhh~~Finally the picture of the album with signature..kkk~~Don't worry,lots of pictures to go~~

Here you go!The full picture of the album!Saw the signs clearly?I've edited the lights a bit for you~ (*・・)σ you!

From the bottom angle~~

From left side...but right

The left one is TaeYang's and the right one is Daesung's!
P/S : I actually just figured this out a while ago..kkk~

This is the bottom signature which the top one is GD's,the bottom left is TOP's and the bottom 
right is SeungRi's~
Don't you think SeungRi's signature is cute?!haha..He was like drawing something and there's is a 
love too! O(≧∇≦)O *blushing*

It's time to wrap it back with the bubble wraps!! hahaxD 
I don't want this to get rust~! (>ω<*)ノノ♥

My mother saw that I was so happy holding this album and she said.."Do you play their CD before?" 
So I said "No" coz I've download their album before and she continued "I want to hear their songs,so
 play the CD  in the car" and I was like "Really?"so I played it!When the songs are playing,she said,
ahh..Korean song have a lot of English vibes and I said to her.."ahh..because BIGBANG wanted to be
 universal because of their fans and they have a lot of International collaboration.Plus,English songs are 
very near to people all over the world".

By the way,I have something to show but I mistakenly upload the wrong picture but never mind,
I can still show it next  time..kkk~
Anyway,thanks for the visit.You cannot hotlink this pictures and please credit me if you're uploading
 this on  the other sites.Respect my rights and enjoy~!

P/S : If you want to see the whole album pictures,please go to this LINK .I post every pictures of the
 album and photobook in this post coz every BIGBANG "ALIVE" Photo Book and design is the
 same with individual version.


Thia said...

Ah, congratulations! I'm so jealous owo~

Mizu said...

awww...thank you so much!!hehe..don't be..i took a lot of pictures for everyone to see~

Nana said...

Wow! Congratz~ You are so lucky!

Mizu said...

Thank you Nana! ^_^

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