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Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Photos]Big Bang "ALIVE" Album (Official YGE Pre-Order) + How To Prevent/Remove Rust

Hello guys,it's time for another post for my Kpop addiction!As you may know or not know,I'm a huuuuuuuuuugeeeeeee BIG BANG fan which is a South Korean boy band since six years ago.This is my first time posting such full photos of the album although I bought every Big Bang albums since 2 years back...kkk~

I'm so excited,coz I dream about them last night..wakakakaka!So can we get started now? the way,this is the official pre-order batch which I bought this directly from YGE so yeah,I got the official freebies too!yipeeee!I would never missed out something like this...hihi :D

Ohh,and this album wasn't the autographed version as I said I won last time.This one is bought using my own money~ and I just got a message from StarCity a while ago that my autographed album have been sent yesterday!Yeay!!!


There's a lot of complaints regarding the cover of the album which will eventually rust.YG Entertainment had actually response to this complaints by saying the album will rust to make it look vintage.Some fans can't accept this lame excuse because rust is dangerous and the most afraid of is rusting will cause death..yeah..rust is that dangerous!So,I posted some ways to prevent and removing rusts at the end of this post.Thank you~

The above card was the freebies!It's 4 piece stickers!

This is a real steel!OMG!That's why the album was heavier than usual..

I love the CD design! *banjjak banjjak*

 The background is actually yellow in prob..sorry~~

Awwww..yeahhh!!Do you have fun looking at those pictures??I'm taking 5 hours to edit and upload the picture because of my bad camera..oh my..and I'm reaaaalllyyyyy tired right now.So if you want to take these out make sure to credit me and do not hotlink this!It's because I'm uploading the pictures in my photobucket album.

Oh,there is something that I didn't told you,my first time opening this album,I can feel a bit greasy on the blue cover..I don't know why but maybe this is the one that cause the cover to rust.

Anyway,here are the ways to prevent your album from rusting ;
1 - Of course you have to make it dry because rust happened  in an open-air oxidation.
2 - Well,somebody said that you must not touch the album,but it was way impossible for not to touch.
3 - Wipe the oily/wet with a clean cloth.
4 - Go and get anti-rust spray or anti-rust coating products.Usually these things are available in workshop.

and here is how to remove rusts(you must identify the material of the object) ;
1 - Use white vinegar.You have to pour the white vinegar on the cover until the rust was completely gone and wipe and rinse it with clean water.(P/S : i'm not sure about the rinse part but I think you have to do it to remove the vinegar completely but make sure you wipe it back with a very clean cloth and do not leave any part of the cover wet.
2 - Use baking soda.Make a paste of the baking soda with water.Put it on the rust and let it loose for a while and then scrub it on the rust part until it comes off.You may repeat this few times if the rust is deep or hard to remove.(again,you need to rinse of with a clean water and wipe it with a dry cloth)

I found this ways on wikihow.If you decide to use chemical then be careful.You may dangered yourself because of careless.Anyway,good luck!


Adaa^Aid said...

congrats sis :)
I'm a big fan of Bigbang too..

Mizu said...

thank you very much!!yeay~~~meet another VIP here~

Unknown said...

Another VIP here! =D

Mizu said...

oh wow!!great to meet VIPs!!!yeayyyyy~!!thanks for visiting~

婉娴 said...

hi, i google bigbang alive rust bcuz my alive cover is rusting ><
so sad when i saw it n i found out 1 of the way u wrote is useful ^^
i use baking powder n mixed with water is not actually work....
so i just put the baking powder onto the cover n mixed with little bit water and then i use my hand to scrub it.... after few times, most of the rust is been cleared... just leave some light rust there... sorry for my bad english....
Anyway, thanks for the info ^^
P/S: i am also another VIP n just started from alive album XD

Mizu said...

I'm glad that it is helpful~
I hope you'll take care of the album.
If you don't want it to get rust again,I suggest you to spray the anti-rust on the cover to protect it from rust again~ ^_^

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