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Monday, August 8, 2011

[REVIEW & SWATCHES]Innisfree Eco Real Color Lipstick #5 and Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Holla!It's time for another review again!I thought I'm going to post this review tonight but the class that supposed to be this evening postponed tonight..argh..I hate night classes so much!It's like they are bothering my plan and rest time..>0< *punch the angry birds pillow*

Okay,let's move on to my review today,I think its been a long time since I review Korean's because I don't know what to buy at the time + need money for study too..but at last,I manage to buy these cuties!wohooo!

Tadaa..this is the Innisfree Eco Real Color Lipstick in #5

The color that I choose!It said that this color is popular in Korea.

The ingredients maybe?It's written in Korean so I can't understand..only the first word that I know there,I-ni-seu-peu-ri means Innisfree.I learn the Korean words by myself since I love Kpop that much-->Muahh!..hahaxD

Again,the box.The box is kinda made from recycled stuff..oh yeah-->time to save the world!

Natural Origin Tangerine!It's Jeju Tangerine!Woah!

The lipstick!!Ahem..I already use it so the shape is a bit loose..hehe =)..but it supposed to be orangey-color..I don't know why the color is different from the catalog and I guess it is temperature difference that makes the lipstick was differ in color..Look here..I choose the number 5.
(photo credited to
Yup,the MD's pick number 5..the one that I choose..number 10 looks pretty too right?Sorry,I'm a red freak..keke..

The swatch on my hands!Look!How pretty the pink was!

Ok2..I'm serious this picture have enough light and the previous one were not..sorry..

The color are pretty natural and pigmented too!It gives a pretty sheen to the lips and moisturizing!

My verdict :
Color : Very pigmented!Like the the lipstick promise on the tube 'A highly pigmented,long-lasting moisture lipstick that delivers rich color in a stroke'.It is so true!
Moisture : Very moisturizing in normal lips.So I recommend you to scrub your dry/chapped lips before using this.
Price : Reasonable for a good quality lipstick!
Ingredients : I believe this is 100% natural ingredients!
Lasting hour : Yes,long lasting,I think the last time I wear this,the color last about 4 hours!Also this lipstick will not completely gone if you eat or drink.

Rate : 8/10. I deduct 2 because this lipstick once make my lips so dry..It maybe because the temperature changes here and not enough water in my body(I think?)..

Okay..onto the next one!The seller that I bought this from raved about this loose powder for many times already and yeah..I sold..~and also the price was super cheap and I think why I don't give it a try since the seller said the likes this powder damn much!hihixD

The best selling loose powder from Innisfree!
This is the new packaging and honestly,I prefer the old packaging so much since it gives the ancient and natural look..take a look here..
(photo credit to

The backwards..As you see on the above pic,the case was so cute and small..
Futhermore,this product promise sebum control(if you read the name)

The sponge..

The sponge fabric,To be honest,I don't like the sponge at all!Yes,I agree that it was super smooth but every time I use this sponge,my hands become dry and it almost absorb the powder that I took to apply onto my face..and it was kinda of wasting when I have to dab a lot of the powder from the case and apply onto my face..

The powder,there are no other shades..only this one..white color of course.

yup,my terrible face..sorry..I have terrible skin these days and I'm trying few brands now to recover them..I have a black scar there..this is before i apply the powder..

After applying,the black scar is still visible..!At least the powder should give a bit coverage but it didn't at all..I can see the excess powder(the whitish excess) on the scar which I have to dab it with my fingers to make it disappear..

My verdicts:
Shades : Only comes in one shades!Oh no..I have warm colored skin and this absolutely leave the whitish excess on the color do not match..>_<
Smell : Minty smell but it is do not smell unless you put your nose nearer...
Minty feel? : Not at all..I didn't feel any minty sensation on my face as it promise..
Price : Very cheap for an overseas products about RM29.
Coverage : No...the black scar still visible...
Oil control : Not at all..I wear this along with my BB Cream and without BB Cream and it do not last longer too..I can feel the oil on my face after one hour...

I'm a bit disappoint with the results because it was the best selling after all and may people love it so much but sadly it didn't works on me...Maybe because our hot temperature?But would I repurchase this?Of course no..but still I believe in other Innisfree products and I plan to try others soon.

Rate : 2/5 because the price is cheap!

Anyway,thanks for reading!I will be back soon for the next review!Dolly Wink eyeshadows~!

Note : All products that mention in this blog is bought using my own money,I didn't get sponsored or paid unless stated.Copyright of the photo used from other blogs is mentioned and other pics is copyright by me.


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