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Saturday, August 27, 2011

[REVIEW]Rohto Oxy Blemish Control Mask

(^-^*)/コンチャ! Hi cookiessss!I'm back for another review!Oh yeah!! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆
Only 2 days left before the festive season starts!Huurraaayyyy!!
and I spent a lot on beauty for this special festive season to looks pretty!omo..(*≧▽≦)
Last time I went to Watsons..hmm.actually didn't intend to buy any but since my sister insist me to accompany her so I have to..hehe..and finally I bought this masks!
Oxy Masks!I don't know if this thing available in your country or have heard of this line before but OXY is one the brand that promotes acne solution after the disappearing of T3!
Let's check out this mask!
A 5/5 mark for me because the packaging is able to sold me!

ahah!The main reason I bought this since I have acne-prone skin!

The ingredients!I think you guys will be able to see it..or just click the pic to enlarge!Too lazy to copy them.. (/-_・)/D・・・・・------ → (;/゜o゜)/ ザク!

The exact same packaging of the mask with the box!Each box contains two sheet of mask..

The directions for the best results!~

Okay,to my opinion,
I wear this mask straight two days after buying it..and after I opened the package,the mask have a strong smell which I can't tell what is the smell was because I'm bad at names..hehe..but it doesn't bother me since I really like the smell!!fuuuhuu!
But to disappointment, the mask shape and cutting wasn't really into my liking since the jaw was tooo BIG!I have to fold the mask till it suits my face well but you can know that the sheet now is double..
The results is not showed up either,I had few breakouts these days and these mask doesn't heal my acne/breakouts neither reduce the sad..I pay a lot for this!
But maybe..or I'm not too realizing it,the smaller bumps was reduced.I don't know if I'm wrong or not but as I know,I got a lot of smaller bumps but ti reduced!Then should I say this works??errmm..didn;t know either since I use another products as well with this mask..

Anyway,repurchase?No..I better try again with BeautyMate Mask because it reduce my breakout with a piece of mask!oh yeah! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Oh..see you later!I might be blogging the whole week!


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