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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Candy Doll Lipstick in Apricot Beige + Candy Doll Lipgloss in Milktea Beige

Holla!!I do have time these days for reviews so that's why I post two reviews in two consecutive days..haha..The picture is not taken today but last week when I'm playing with this two awesome products..
I know many bloggers have raved about Dolly Wink + Candy Doll brand long time ago but I still want to make my version...*hoho*
and of course my favorite gyaru model,Tsubasa Masuwaka in charge in this two brands..weeexD
I would say that she did really do a great job..*thumbs up*

Okay,let's move on to da reviews.!

From left ; the lipgloss and lipstick..
It's so cute!!!
As I read from other blog,most of them said that the gloss and lipstick is tiny..and I thought it is tiny but the size is normal to me..not too small...maybe because it is too pigmented,that's why the size is like that..

The back packaging for Candy Doll Lipstick in Apricot Beige.Obviously it is written in Japanese..

My red satin cloth is cute the packaging was ^_^

Candy Doll!!

The lipstick color!(Apricot Beige)

The back packaging for Candy Doll Lipgloss in Milktea Beige.

The gloss tube!

Candy Doll again!haha..

The brush is a bit slanted to make it easy to use on the end of lips and shaping them..great brush!

Now onto the swatch on my hands..the glossy type is the lipgloss while the matte-moisturize is the lipstick.
Onto my thick lips is naturally thick..please excuse..

I swatch the Candy Doll lipstick in Apricot Beige here..looks dry isn't it but its not..unless you wear on your chapped can apply lipbalm first if you want to..but in this pic,I do not wear any lipbalms before..It is so pigmented I would say(Sorry for the different colors in the picture,it is due to the lighting and this old camera)

Then,I apply the Candy Doll lipgloss in Milktea Beige onto the lips..see,the color is becoming Orangey-Brown..The texture of the lipgloss is thick,so I only have to swatch a little so its a good saving!huhu!

I read Tsubasa's instruction on how to wear the perfect lippies for this products and I saw she blot after applying lipgloss to remove the excess looking I blot too...haha..


Candy Doll Lipstick in Apricot Beige 
Texture : Matte and it does a little bit moisturizing.But this would be dry on chapped/dry lips..
Color : So pigmented!I only swatch little bit to get the awesome color..
Size : was okay with me..
Scent : No scent at all..
Price : A bit expensive for me as a student since this is not available locally..

Candy Doll Lipgloss in Milktea Beige
Texture : Very thick!So you have to be careful of not overdone.But you always can blot the excess like Tsubasa teach..^_^
Color : Very pigmented~!I was very satisfy with it!
Size : Normal..not too small..hehe..
Scent : No scent at all..great try for no-scent lovers..
Price : A bit expensive for a student like me..but it wasn't disappointed..=)

Overall,this products is super great and I know most of you don't wanna miss this popular stuff!haha..I would want to collect all colors after about you?



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