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Monday, August 1, 2011

[REVIEW] Barbie Eye Black Color Contact with Dolly Wink False Lash No.2 and No.6

Hai guys! is my first day of fasting and yeah..its quite successful...not too tired nor hungry..hehe..
Last Sunday my dance club held a showcase and I was a part of it..unfortunately I didn't join the performance but I'm in charge for the stage was my decision anyway,because the practice time always clash with my night classes so I can't attend any single of it..It was a fun day that day coz friends a.k.a the dancers were really happy and i'm quite happy with my stage design too..*hoho*(proud)..

Today,I'm suppose to review my Dolly Wink eyeshadows but unfortunately it didn't show in the pic much + I forgot to take the pics for eyelid..what a memory...

This contact lens is sponsored by Madiha's Makeup Blog which I win her last giveaway and I choose this contact lens..I am really thankful to her...thanks so much!

Barbie Eye Black Color Contact Lens details(taken from

  • Diameter:15.8mm
  • Water Content: 48% 
  • Base Curve: 8.6
  • Life Span: 1 Year 
  • Condition: New 

This is my second attempt wearing Dolly Wink false lashes a.k.a my second time wearing false lashes..haha..Sorry,quite messy and I didn't know the suitable make-up for this lashes as I haven't tried any..
and yeah,the lens are there too but sorry,I forgot to take the pic of the bottle along(maybe I do but I don't know where I put the pics)..I got a blue froggie case along with the lens..
So this is the naked look with no make-up except BB Cream and compact powder.I use Skin Food Aloe BB Cream and Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact in Sheer Glowing Skin.
You can see my natural lashes under the false lashes..
I took the pics after I wear the mascara but it was really blurred by this old camera so please excuse the natural lashes..

This was for my another eye,I wear Dolly Wink eyeshadows in brown this time but I was in hurry so the color did not show up too much and to be truth,the lens are way too big for me and I'm having a hard time to put the lens in my eyes..T_T

This picture is after I put on KissMe Heroine mascara and Dolly wink eyeliner..yeah..its messy again..sorry..(Do I look sad?haha..maybe I'm too tired because lack of sleep)..see my fines lines under the eye??omo..I really have to buy an eye cream!!!..Owh..I never groom my eyebrows entire my life or my mom would kill me if I do..but I don't know if I want to do it when I grow up as a working I just colored the brows with Dolly Wink eyeshadows in brown to give a gyaru look( do not look like a gyaru at all..=.=) okay let's read my verdict on both products..
P/S : The color of brows turns out weird?(Forget the brows..hehe)

Barbie Eye Contact Lens
Enlargement : 5/5 ; because it really makes me eye look bigger..0_0
Comfort : 3/5 : I do feel the contact in my eyes..because as I said the contacts are too big for my small eyes..T_T
Color : 5/5 ; yup..super eyes are already black so it doesn't really affects me eyes..but I still like it..
Overall : 7/10 because I do like the lens but the size was to big for me and yeah..its my fault for choosing a big lens..

Dolly Wink 02 and 06 False Lashes(see my post of the haul here Koji Dolly Wink)
Length : 4/5 ; It was super long!I do like it but I won't wear this outside because people will look at me like a freak?My friend also commented that I look scary with it and she suggest that I don't wear any false lashes because my lashes are already long..(yeah,that's true..but I wanna try to be gyaru too..T_T)
02(Sweet Girly) ; This false lashes is satisfying!I love the design and it was so easy to handle!
06(Baby Cute) ; This false lashes was hard to control since it was a tiny band..and 2 piece of the tiny band already missing..

So overall..I do love both of this items..this are only my opinion and what think it looks on me but maybe varies on you..
Thanks for reading!


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