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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[REVIEW & SWATCHES]Relian Mascara Black Volume Series

Hey guys!I'm back for another review this time!Sorry for not posting the post about Dolly Wink eyeshadows first coz I'm gonna skip that post and instead posting this up first!This time the mascara is sent by Relian Company for review purpose.Ok,first of all let me introduce you to this company first since I've made a research before.

Relian Company basically sells only mascara in the meantime and they are also known as Relian Online Company.This company have two types of product under its company which both are mascaras that are Relian Mascara Black Volume Series and Relian Mascara Panther Series.This company starts to operate since 3 years ago and just recently there are looking for some reviewers to review their product and I was lucky to be chosen! According to them,this mascara was the best selling and most of the users are satisfied with the results!Some fans already ask them about other product and they said in the meantime,only mascara will be produced and they're planning to add some products in the future.

These are the two types of the mascaras that they produced..
Black Volume Series

Panther Series
Photo courtesy of

They recently just open their facebook page and promoting there and they did ask to whoever wants to review their products,just send the details.Luckily my application were accepted and they ask me which one the mascara that I would like to review and I choose the Panther Series.However,due to limited stocks,they can't send the Panther Series to me instead asking if they can change that to Black Volume Series and I'm okay with it since both of it looks gorgeous and I'm having a hard time to choose at first..haha..

After a week,the parcel arrived to me from local place in my country and I wonder if they got a supplier here too?That must be great!This is a question that I wanted to ask but always forgot..hehe

Oh,before I start my review,I want to say that my review is honest..I post this after I made a few trials on myself.

Ok,let's move on to my review..

This is what the box is like and for your information,both of their products is include with a special box!It's great isn't it?!

The sophisticated looking!I ove this!

More closer picture..Both of the tube is put neatly in the box...

Eyelash bushy!Who doesn't like bushy eyelashes right?!

The back of the is in chinese but they sent me the translation is English can also see this instruction on their facebook page!

If you can't see the picture clearly,please click the picture to enlarge!

This is the transplanting gel tube.

See how the brush looks like?This type of brush is good for lengthening!

I swatched it onto my dries quickly!

Another one that included in the set,Relian Fiber.

This is the brush and this is used to add volume to the lashes!

I put a bit of the fiber onto my fingers for clear picture on what the fiber looks like..

Ok,let's see what both of this items have done to my eyes..
This is my bare eyes without mascara..

My another angle of bare eyelashes.

and again,another picture of bare eyelashes.

First,I apply the Relian Transplanting Gel onto my lashes.As you can see,it darken my eyelash and give length to it.

Another shot after I apply the Relian Transplanting Gel.

Again,another can see how long my lashes becomes!!

Secondly,I apply the Relian Fiber and it does add volume to my lashes!Although you can see some of the fiber clumped onto my lashes but this can be fix in the next step!

Another pic after applying the fiber!!It becomes more bushy!

Third,I apply the transplanting gel again to stick the fiber onto my lashes!See,the clumped is all gone!This 3 steps is important to get 300% volume to your eyelashes!

Another shot for the third step.Every strands is on its own,did not clumped at all!

I took another pic of it from the side and you can see that my eyelash almost surpass my eyebrow!woahh~

Another shot,the same angle but I just wanna show more clearer sight.

As a summary and comparison,I put all the pics here to avoid confusing after looking to a bunch of pictures!haha..Look how the mascara turns my eyelashes to fabulous bushy eyelash!
(oh..please excuse the lighting)

My verdicts :
As Relian Mascara promised,this mascara give bushy eyelash and this was so true!I'm so satisfied with the results and this surpass all my mascara that I own before!

Secondly,what I don't like about the mascara is the fiber which when you apply this onto your eyelash,the fiber will spread out all over my face because not every tiny piece of it did stick onto my lashes but I have a solution which hold a piece of tissue onto upper eyelid when you apply the fiber on upper eyelash and hold a piece of tissue on lower eyes if you applying the fiber on lower lashes.This helps!

Third,this mascara is not a waterproof type which I've been looking for sometime now because most of mascaras I own is waterproof type and hard to wash except with make-up remover.For this mascara,you can easily wash it with cold or warm water but please wet your eyes first with water to let the water absorb into the lashes to make the mascara remove easily.

Fourth,this items comes in a box of handy type which is light and medium in size so you wouldn't like,where I put my mascara since this comes in a set.

Thanks for reading my reviews!Any harsh words,I apologize first...

Please support Relian Mascara by clicking like on their facebook page here : Relian Mascara

and visit their official website here for more info and purchase! : Relian Mascara

See you in the next post!Thanks!


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