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Monday, March 31, 2014

[REVIEW] Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Hey there pretty!
It seems that almost all of my class tomorrow got cancelled which is a very good news!lol
So I decided to post up a review today. This has been sitting in the draft for so long and yes, I recently re-purchased two of this gel cream again (as you might see on my instagram) :D

Product Info :
Name : Snail Recovery Gel Cream
Brand : Mizon
Production : Made in Korea.
Volume : 40ml
Purchased from : Testerkorea
A very simple looking tube but it's pink! :D

I love that the first ingredient is the snail secretion filtrate.

Transparent in color.It's so easy to blend.

I saw that this gel cream got good reviews from other blogger and coincidentally, testerkorea is having sales so I manage to grab this to try. 

Now I already finished my second tube and I really love it! The gel cream is so light on skin and it dries really fast too. Sometime I may be too excited to put on extra gel on my face so it'll feel a bit sticky at first but no worries, it dries really fast and leaves a silky smooth skin. I especially love that this is the perfect base before applying make up because it doesn't mix with my foundation.

I also notice after overnight applying this cream, my redness is lessen by the next morning. I always had redness overload at night and I don't know what's the reason..haha
Even sometimes when I don't really wear skincare at night, my mom would ask if I had allergies because my face is really red at night. I don't know the cause either but it's not from using this gel cream.

A 40ml tube can last me for about a month if I regularly wear them. As for longer term effects, I can't really say much about that because the effects last as long as I wear the gel cream. For wrinkle care, I guess I didn't see much improvement in that especially on my under eye. I think this can't beat my late sleeping lifestyle.

Lastly, I really recommend this to those who had oily skin because it might be too dry to those who had dry skin. This would work on combination skin as well but I suggest you use another moisturising product to add more moisture to your skin.

Thanks for reading!

I rate this;

I may be blogging again this week due to a lot of cancelled class..haha


Sakuranko said...

After read your review I´m thinking to buy this product, looks nice and Mizon is a very good brand. xx

Mizu said...

Please do!After all, I'm impressed with my tries so far of their brand :D

Blackswan said...

I love anything related to snails! Snail mask, snail cream, & even escargots! xoxo

Mizu said...

Awesome! I love them too! Want to try the escargots!

simplicity said...

I don't want to sounds rude, but do you think wearing make-up or skincare with animal based ingredients is "halal" for moslem?
Especially with the snail ingredient.

Mizu said...

Hmm..good question. I basically don't know how to say this because I don't really know the in depth rules in Islam about how snail slime but as far as I know, only animal based ingredients from pig or haram animals are not allowed. There are a few of my local country's product regarding snails but I've never heard any debate about using snail slime in cosmetics that is not allowed. Just to note that, the snail slime is not just random slime they got from random snail everywhere, it's a cultured snail and it's clean. Aside from that, it function to help and heal the skin not to cause harm. As for me, I believe that it is okay to use snail slime but if you're hesitate or not sure about it, it's better that you don't used it.

Abla said...

I want to ask you about date of manufacturing because tester korea offer it in low price

Mizu said...

Hi Abla, most of products sent by Testerkorea is produced within the year. Most products that I get are newly produced within three months.

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