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Monday, April 14, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Color My Brows

I once said that I don't really have to wear brow colour or brow pencil for my brow coz it looks just fine but when I tried my first brow pencil last year, I realized that it was totally wrong. In fact, my brow look so messy when I did not use any brow pencil.

Etude House did released new colours for this brow colour but since they're more to light/coloured in colour, so I pass that. I have naturally dark hair so I'm gonna stick with dark coloured eyebrows too. This product colour is not the newest release but I just want to share :D
Product Info :
Name : Color My Brows
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
I love the new packaging!It looks so girly :)

The instruction probably said to stroke your brow hair backwards to make sure all the hairs coated carefully then the second step, you brush them back properly to make it look proper.

The colour might not seems too dark here but it's enough to coloured my brow hair :D

Note : There is a picture on how it look on my eyebrow but I misplaced it. Would take a new one and update this post.

I'm curious on how eyebrow colour would turn out on me because previously I thought that they're used to colour the brow hair permanently. It turns out that I was wrong..haha

I decided to try this brow colour from Etude House because Qoo10 did quite cheap sales for this so I just grab it without thinking further. It's sad that I actually bought one, I really should have bought more because this is really nice on my brow!

At first I thought that the colour is too brown for my eyebrow since I naturally had dark hairs but it gradually turn out nice later. The brush is really easy to use and it did not take much time to finish colouring the eyebrows. I could say that it did not need help from the brow pencil if you follow the instructions given because if you do, there's no sparse seen after applying.

This brow colour is pretty waterproof too. It did not budge if cleanse with tap water and furthermore, it stays on my brow for the whole day too. I'm not sure why this got the second place in Get It Beauty because personally I like it so much.

But I really prefer if Etude House can released a darker shade for the eye brow colour. It would look so much better on me or with girls that born with dark hair.

I rate this ;

I would love to try more brow colour product that is good so please recommend me some!


Fräulein Schnee said...

I use the same one and I really like it. Absolutely agree on everything :D

Mizu said...

I know!This is just great! :D

Sakuranko said...

Oh I want try that product is on my wishlist for a long time~ Thanks for your sueful review sweetie~

Rini Cesillia said...

i have this brow mascara too but in lighter shade (#4) and i think it works nicely, still unable to completely turn my dark brow hair into light colour though but it already do a great job :D

Xana said...

Seem like a really nice product. I too didn't think colouring my eyebrows would make a difference and now I can't go out without using an eyebrow pencil to make them look nice.

Mizu said...

You're much welcome! Thanks for dropping by ;)

Mizu said...

I see..guess it might be hard for a lighter to change dark eyebrow hair..

Mizu said...

Yea..I think eyebrow is really necessary :D

Rini Cesillia said...

Btw Mizu I've nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award ^^

Mizu said...

Thank you!

piccha said...

I only have eyebrow pencil.
Do you like eyebrow pencil or this?
Thanks for sharing.

Im Piccha

Mizu said...

I love both eyebrow color and eyebrow pencil :D If you ask me to choose, I probably can't..haha

Miisa Park said...

Hi I like your blog,pls kindly visit my blog too ~ ^^

Mizu said...

Thank you dear :)

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