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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Rare Make Up

Make up, this is not a rare word in my blog and it's because I'm a beauty blogger.
However, the way people use and apply the proper make up is rare.

I'm sure there are many make up users in the words and it's still increasing in terms of numbers. People often neglect the right way of applying make up which should be started with a proper skincare.

I'm those one in a million people who start my make up - in the wrong way. As a teenager who would love to look prettier, I thought proper skincare is only for people whom older because of the wrinkle and skin problems after you grow older. I'm totally wrong because there are many skincare in the world that suits all types of skin even the youngest if you know which one is right for your skin.

If you look into Korean skincare, there are several of steps in their skincare but it is not necessarily to follow all of that. It's enough if you only select some steps which is need for your skin. For example, I only choose toner, cream, serum and eye cream. I skip moisturiser on purpose because my skin can't handle thick layers of skincare/make up and I only choose light cream to apply on my skin. I've tried the moisturiser and cream steps before but it breaks me out the next day no matter how great or expensive the product is. 

After you're done with your skincare, the next step would be make up. I have a lot of BB,CC and foundation in my stash, base or primer might be needed for special occasion, eyeliners, eyeshadows, brow pencil, mascara, blushers and lipsticks. I'm not fond of concealers much because most concealers that I tried, cake up so much that I hate it. However, concealers can work magic if you choose the right one according to your skin condition as well as your skin colour.

For teenagers, you might want to use CC cream instead of heavy BB cream or foundation because CC creams has all those good characteristics that might suit younger skin. If you have blemishes to cover, than choose BB cream to use instead of foundation. Just one thing - choose the right colour according to your skin. I've seen so many people choose the wrong colour of cream. You don't want to look like a clown, don't you?

As for lipsticks, there are several colours of lipsticks that you can choose from, as for teenagers, you might have to choose more subtle colours not the bold one or you gonna look old than your age. As for young adults, try glossy lipsticks - the one that moisturise your lip best.

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Xana said...

I've learned a lot from Korean make-up artists and their way of taking care of skin and applying make-up. Of course we're all different and you need to choose the good things about Korean skin care that are good for your personal skin.

I can't use concealers either, they are always too thick and cake up so much!

Cool post.

MITCH said...

Thanks for the tips! I agree with you, proper skin care is just important :) I even still use CC cream instead of BB cream or foundation. I only use BB cream when I want a heavy coverage. I don't have foundation, I guess I'm gonna need one :P

Emi Doll (恵美) said...

Lovely :3

恵美より ♥

Mizu said...

I'm glad that you like it. I personally recommend all to take care of your skin first before make up because proper skincare make your make up looks better :)

Mizu said...


Sakuranko said...

The skincare is the most important step. Very useful post sweetie~

Mizu said...

Thank you :)

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