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Thursday, July 5, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Black Volume Mascara

I love mascara so much and I feel naked if I finish up without wearing a mascara.This is the first item I would put in my makeup pouch among all cosmetics I have.Since I wasn't really into falsies,mascara is the best replacement for that!

My mascara is already at its limit where it I have to get a new mascara..
p/s : I don't even know why it dries so fast..

Coincidentally I pass by Etude House a month ago and I saw this mascara got 30% and the price is about RM15+ and it was supperrrrr cheap!

Here are the pictures for your views~I put my before&after lashes pictures too~!
It's blurry again..gomen..>_<

 I wish my lashes were long like that!lol

The brush applicator.I like this type brushes coz it gives volume~

 Swatch on my hand~

 I put my hands under the tap water and the stain didn't fade out just yet.

Rubbed the stain with water and fades but still leaving a slight stain there..
So this mascara is not waterproof.

(click the picture for larger view!)
Left picture : Bare eyes(No mascara)
Right picture : With Etude House Black Volume Mascara

I think this is my second time doing a mascara review with my pictures in it.I rarely do one because my camera isn't enough to capture the lashes clearly.Luckily, it works great today so I snapped some pictures for your judgement..kk~

My lashes wasn't too long in my opinion coz I had a friend who had a very black and curled long lashes!I'm so envy of her...haha :DD
but I'm really thankful because my natural lashes are still visible even without mascara..
but with mascara,I feel more confident throughout the day~

My thoughts;

Volume, 3/5 ;
I expected this mascara will give more volume to my lashes but not and it only gave me darker eyelashes. I feel a bit disappointed at that..

Lengthening, 4/5 ;
I saw the effort there.Although this mascara doesn't have the fiber thing,but it does lengthen my lashes and makes it stay curled~

Color, 4/5 ;
The color itself is very black.It doesn't have any hue color on it~

Waterproof, 0/5 ;
This mascara in not waterproof at all >_<
I've choose the wrong mascara this time..I better read/ask the sales assistant before buying next time~

Smudge, 0.5/5 ;
It smudge so bad!kyaaaa~~ >_<
I used to apply the mascara till the end of my lashes and when the brush touch the nearest skin, and it will start to smudge so bad...So I have to take a q-tips with makeup remover to remove the stain..T^T

Smell ;
It doesn't have any smell and I hope it won't.Just like a lot of cheaper mascara,they have a chemical/stinks smell after been used couple of times.

Re-purchase ;
I wouldn't.I bought another new mascara and we'll see the comparison soon~

Thank you for reading!
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