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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Skin Shop Celebrating New Product + Giveaway!

Hi there peeps!Happy weekend to all of you!Any beaches visit this weekend?Don't forget to bring along your sunblock~

Anyway,this entire post will be about The Skin Shop new product!Oh product!And you might never seen this type of product before coz I think it was really unique!It something that would really do a big help in your make-up routine!

Here, I introduce you to Skin Editor V Rhythm and Skin Editor V Sense!

Basically,this two products function as make-up application helper which can be used for applying Make-up base, BB Cream/foundation, blusher and even powder!How great is that?

Both of them are portable and small, which you can bring anywhere with you!
They're included with a vibrator system to help ease and even your make-up application.
Be a professional on make-up by using this!

So I'll start with the intro.
1. New start of magical change of women’s skin at the very moment  
New concept of SKIN EDITOR V Rhythm “portable vibration make-up puff”. By means of its optimum size for portability and easy refillable type puff, women who dream of magical change of their skin can enjoy and make perfect self make-up dream come true.
4E in One : Every time! Everywhere! Easy! Expedite!

2. A private make-up artist 365 days a year is always with you
Perfect make-up creation by my own smart make-up secret.
No more need make-up artist’s touch on my skin. It’s secret of SKIN EDITOR V Rhythm “Auto Vibration Makeup puff”.

Completion of flawless and smooth skin texture
Completion of clear and sparkling skin tone
Completion of lively moisturized skin

3. It’s magic, smart make-up wanted by skin 
Amazing smart make-up effect through approximately 16K times vibration per minute on skin.
The faster absorption! : Quick permeation into skin at the applying moment
The longer persistency of make-up! : Unnecessary to put another make-up touch, just need one time make-up.

More amazing adherence! : Skin becomes one with make-up



Watch the difference between using fingers, make-up puff and Editor V Rhythm HERE

How to change battery for Skin Editor V Sense

How to change refill puff for Skin Editor V Sense

How to change battery for Skin Editor V Rhythm

How to change refill puff for Skin Editor V Rhythm

To purchase,CLICK HERE

and now onto the EVENT!

The Skin Shop is giving away,
 3 SET of MAGIC SCIENCE V SENSE to 3 winners and 3 SET of MAGIC SCIENCE V RHYTHM to 3 winners!
(A set contain 1 vibrator and puffs)

So total winners that will be choose is 6 winners!

(open the picture in a new tab for larger view!)

Read the instructions in the picture to join!


Good luck to all!

This post is written by Mia Lia
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