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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Fan Account]Big Bang ALIVE Galaxy Tour 2012 Ticket Launching Day in Malaysia

Note : This post may contain excessive language used.So if you're not comfortable,don't read.It's all based on my personal experience and I hardly used these language in my daily life.

Superr tired!That would be my first word to say for this post..hahaxD
I actually been here on the be specific,I was here on the day before which means I queued overnight here outside Fahrenheit88 just to secure my tickets!
I know it was somewhat crazy and I don't even thought myself would do that but anything for Big Bang,I'm already crazy to begin with..

I'm not living in KL but N9.Have to travel from N9 to KL is already a long journey plus the expense fee that is a lot.Me and my friend starts our journey at 2 p.m on Friday taking taxi,bus,ktm --> finally arrived in KL Sentral.From KL Sentral,we took monorail to Jalan Imbi(which I don't know that Bukit Bintang Station is the nearest to Fahrenheit88) so we walks to KL-Shibuya-like walk and arrived at Fahrenheit88.

The picture I posted on my Instagram on the evening when the first arrived.
Got lot of likes from friends!hahaxD
p/s : follow my instagram (nick : ashihana) :p

Surely we went in and saw no people are in the queue for that tickets but we saw a bunch of youngsters outside Fahrenheit88 looking suspicious as we thought that they are actually lining up for the tickets.But I let the suspicious feeling subsides as we head back to Times Square(Jln Imbi) for 'buka puasa'(Korean food!) and planned to head back to KL Sentral to stay overnight there since McD open for 24 hours.

 Our 'buka puasa' meals.We eat at the same restaurant, named Sopoong at Berjaya Times Square.
I choose to have spicy tteokbokki and pajeon(both are snacks)
My friend choose to eat Dalgakbi and spicy tteokbokki.We love tteokbokki though.

My friend said that this dish taste like "sayur tumis" in Malay cooking..
ahaha..I'm kinda agree with her though..

My tteokbokki!~
Somehow it taste different from our last visit..T^T
Although I only had snacks but I can't even finish them we packed up the remaining food to eat for 'sahur'

(pic credited to
Friday night when people start lining up..

Both of us head back to KL Sentral and while I'm checking my facebook there(at 10.30 p.m),there is a fellow friend saying that a lot of people had actually lining up outside Fahrenheit88.
Feeling anxious,we ran back to the monorail and ride it again to Bukit Bintang Station and when we arrived at Fahrenheit88,we saw a lot of people actually lining up there!

Me n friend suddenly panicked and my friend got emo all of sudden becoz we afraid that we might not get the VIP tickets in this situation.It's still night but we just lining up there nervously.
The organizer,Running Into The Sun set up a lining wall for the people to line up and somehow I thought it was a cage-looks-like since we will stay there till morning.

(pic credit to newskaki@fb)
I'm in the picture!Guess which one?lol

I was the last lucky person to be in the 'cage' since we know that our place is already secured compared to people to line up outside the 'cage'.But still,the nervous feeling still left since we could not imagine if the people line up here will bought all VIP tickets until sold out becoz each person is limited to 10 tickets.

Luckily,we met a group of Chinese there and they were so nice!(Well,97% people that line up there were Chinese after all).We actually talked a lot and we actually shared a lot of how do we came to like Big Bang so much~

They even told us that not all people that line up today wanted to buy the VIP tickets.There are various package that they want.So I felt a bit relieved and we still actually saw a hope there.

I don't have any appetite to eat the remaining tteokbooki and pajeon so I had McD which I bought previously at Kl Sentral.Poor us to eat in poor condition..lolxD

We sleep,eat and talk there for the whole night and day and if I would referred that with,I will refer  us to tsunami people who lost their home.We are on the street and in 'cage' that's
and some people that are passing by us asking if we were line up for some sales..lmao xD

(pic credited to
The Saturday morning and this is the front,second and third liners~I'm on third.

The very next day,we still need to wait until 10.30a.m before the ticket counter to open.It was very hot in super hot compared to my place now.So we just have to stand by it..

There are actually a lot of commotion happen in the morning as the fans that newly arrived refused to be in the long line but wanted to stay behind the cage,which is behind me since I'm the
There are a lot of guards in charge to control the situation but not all of them are actually listen to the guards.

There is a case when a bunch of fans suddenly saying that there is some groups of fans that came late in the morning,asking and begging the front liners to buy them tickets.Those angry fans actually  asking the guards to control the situation but they are finally fired back by the guards saying that they can't do anything and even angrily talking loudly back.I was stunned of course with the situation.

I did saw the groups begging the front liners and I was mad too but nothing I can actually do in that situation.I don't want to cause a chaos or something.

Aside from that, one thing that pissed me off so much is the people are cutting the lines and some of them even said that their friends in lining up in front for them.I don't really know which one is true but the people that are cutting lines is absolutely true.I queued overnight so I know how much people are actually lining up before me but what happen on the day is I saw a lot of people are actually been inside the Fahrenheit88 lining up at the counter.I was shocked as I really didn't saw those people in the lines before.

I was speechless and was about to cry because I'm totally worried about the VIP tickets will be sold out.Again,I'm not able to do anything..

(pic credited to
Inside of Fahrenheit88 and the red line separated the package which fans will go through to buy tickets.

We were given a form to fill on which package we want and the option to pay is only cash and credit card.Previously RITS stated that debit card is acceptable in the FAQ but then,there is no debit card option in the form.I was worried since I have to buy 6 tickets myself.

My friend then urge me to withdraw the cash but I'd say its impossible to withdraw thousands in a day because the atm machine limits the money that an be withdrew.Then she said, at least withdraw the money for your ticket.So I head to to the atm machine and my card limits until RM2200 which I able to withdrew.

Just only a few minutes to arrive at the counter,the organizer suddenly announced that VIP tickets are sold out.Yes,sold out!So we need to change our package.I was too sad yet too tired.

(pic credited to
The orange shirt is ticketcharge staff and red is redtix staff.
There is a redtix staff who keeps yelling through out the day..=.=

I gave the money for 3 tickets for the CAT 2(second package after VIP) to my friends since it would be miserable if I will in charge with both cash and debit card.

She succeed buying 4 CAT2 and it was my turn.I asked them if I could use my debit card but they said,we can try.It turns out to be my debit card is not acceptable and showing error(I think it is from the limit I said before).I have no other choice since the staff asked me if i have any credit card to pay?(p/s  to them : I would use credit card in the first place if I had them,so stop asking stupid question).Then I ask for my friend's cash since she had some left from the cash I gave her before but it still not enough to buy 2 more CAT2 tickets.

The staff recommend me to withdraw cash and we asked them if they could reserve the remaining 2 CAT2 tickets for us but then a staff replied,"there are so many people lining up behind you so we can't give this to you".They were the one that said that I can withdraw the money first and after I asked that to them,they suddenly had a changed of mind(p/s : what do you think I'm doing?I stayed fucking overnight here more than those people and more than those cheating people!errgghhh..I wish I can say this out loud)

The staff then said to me,if you want this ticket,then please line-up again.So I was talking with myself.."Are you serious?The package only had 2 tickets left and you asked to line-up again because I want to withdraw more cash for the tickets.With this much of people,all packages of tickets will be sold out before it reach me again".. =(

Finally it turns out that I managed to get only one ticket for CAT3(package 3) for my Iranian friend.Two more of my Iranian friends did get any tickets because of that.I felt really sorry for them about what happen and I blame myself for not withdrawing the cash fully before the launching ticket day.

The tickets that we made to buy on the day~

I informed my Iranian friends on facebook about the tickets and they were so nice for not angry with me since the two of them didn't get their tickets.I left the place and took a long journey back home.I was too tired to talk about anything with my friend that accompanied me since there were a lot of tension between us in the day but it's okay now..we are bff so we didn't take that to heart. =)

That Saturday night i can't actually sleep although my body is so tired so I took some times to re-explain to my Iranian friend and spend time re-calculate the money spend for the tickets since there are a lot of changes on the day.She did even found someone who wants to sell her tickets.I immediately bank in the money to the seller by my friend's request as she don't want to missed it.
The seller herself is very suspicious since she sell the CAT3 tickets for RM600 each which is way RM100+ from the original price!I did warn my Iranian friend for the scam but she said she's willing to take the i have no option but to agree with her request.

On 12a.m, I collapse on the bed till 1.20p.m on the next day..haha..xD

It was a very long journey and I got through a lot of experience from this ticket launching day and I even meet new friends~It was bitter yet sweet.. =)

Thank you for reading.All the story wrote is 100% true and it was based on my opinion.All pictures taken are credited and the rests was mine.Please inform me if you took any~
Peace yawww~


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